Finding the Best User Onboarding Software

Finding the Best User Onboarding Software

October 1, 2021
Customer Onboarding
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Although the concept of employee onboarding is widespread in human resources, it’s just as important to make sure you have a customer onboarding program in place as well. Whether a formal process is in place or you just have general informational materials, users must be trained so they can become familiar with your offering and understand how it can benefit their business.

Why is User Onboarding Software Important?

To sustain growth, businesses must focus on customer success. At the same time, the basis of achieving long-term customer success lies in your customer onboarding process.  

Having the right user onboarding software to support your customer onboarding program is essential for companies that are looking to:

  • Start generating revenue faster with reduced onboarding time
  • Provide a smooth transition from accurate adoption to customer success
  • Accelerate customer adoption, maintain quality, deepen usage, and manage support costs
  • Ease the process of adopting and engaging customers with a more complex product or service

Later, we’ll review how user onboarding software can help you establish a formalized customer onboarding process that can help you achieve these goals and more. But first, let’s dig a little deeper into why customer onboarding is so essential for today’s businesses.

What Are the Overall Benefits of a Good Customer Onboarding Experience?

If your customers become engaged quickly and efficiently during and after implementation through a carefully planned onboarding program, your company stands to benefit in the following ways:

Time to Value (TTV)

TTV measures the period of time it takes a customer to start benefiting from your product after they make the purchase. By ensuring a great onboarding experience, you can decrease your TTV and increase the likelihood of your customers sticking with your product.


Ongoing onboarding opportunities support product adoption and evolve with your customers’ maturity and their product comfort. The most relevant information delivered in the right way is critical for genuinely impactful adoption and engagement. In fact, trained customers are 68% more likely to use a product than untrained ones, according to research by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).


Your customers will likely move up the ladder and establish a long-term relationship with your brand with excellent TTV and adoption indicators. Therefore, they will be more inclined to renew or expand the current product or service they get from you.

Lifetime Value

Your business wants active, engaged customers who are not only familiar with your product but deeply understand it. These users experience your company’s value over time, becoming long-term customers and product champions.

Now that you understand the benefits of customer onboarding, let’s examine how user onboarding software can help you achieve them.

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Features to Look For in User Onboarding Software

User onboarding software can play a pivotal role in your customer training program. Look for these four features when exploring your options.

It Must Be Technically Scalable

Your user onboarding software should be scalable enough to accommodate your growing business while still maintaining performance and consistent quality. How quickly can it accommodate new users? How efficiently are you able to change or update training content as the need arises?

It Should Offer a User-Friendly Experience

Considering that most learners interact with onboarding content voluntarily, creating an engaging and streamlined experience is essential. Your customers are more likely to complete their training courses and continue using your product if your user onboarding software presents an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

It Should Provide Interoperability

In order to be effective, user onboarding software should be able to integrate with other customer solutions such as your CRM, marketing automation platforms, and even online certification and education platforms if you offer industry training as well. This keeps user data streamlined and accessible by multiple teams and departments.  

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The Role of Customer Education in Onboarding

Customers are just as busy today as you are; everyone has a full schedule. Despite this, they expect almost immediate returns on their investment when they buy from you. It will be difficult for new users to get started and optimize the use of your product or service unless you have an effective onboarding strategy and clear welcome instructions.

User onboarding software should support multi-format, virtual, on-demand training, often found in customer education platforms like Skilljar. This will make onboarding more efficient for your customers and allow you to offer them a more flexible learning experience. By providing the right educational content to your customers at the right time, you will build a solid foundation to sustain business growth.

A weak onboarding process may negatively affect your business. On the other hand, a comprehensive customer education program will create effective onboarding experiences, fruitful education, and retain customers for the long term.

Meaningful and sustainable customer relationships thrive through quality on-demand education. Skilljar provides enterprise training solutions with all the tools and features required to effectively onboard, engage, and enable customers.

Are you interested in seeing how Skilljar can help you create a customer education platform to accelerate user onboarding? Request a demo today.

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