Skilljar for Software

Train customers on their time, so they don't have to ask for yours

Lean on an Academy that arms customers with answers, driving adoption and cementing loyalty.

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Learning Paths
Follow guided curriculums based on your role to become an expert
Certification Program
Earn a certification to demonstrate your product expertise.

Is your approach to customer and user training keeping up?

Without Skilljar

Hire more CSMs, yet customer onboarding remains inconsistent.
Juggle training materials that are scattered across too many places.
Struggle to keep training content in sync with new releases and updates.
Rely heavily on in-product tool tips focusing only on siloed features and navigation.
Be seen as a nice-to-have due to a disconnect between training and adoption, satisfaction, retention, and expansion.

With Skilljar

Enjoy streamlined, on-demand onboarding that hits the mark every time.
Centralize your training content in a branded, structured learning environment.
Effortlessly update all your educational content in one place, keeping pace with your product.
Move beyond siloed tool tips to comprehensive learning that builds confidence, trust, and loyalty.
Push learning data into Salesforce to showcase impact on support ticket volume, retention, and NPS.
Higher renewal rates for certified customers
More likely to renew trained customers
Incremental expansion on customer accounts

In an ideal world, intuition alone guides your customers.

That world's a myth. Your customers crave a deeper understanding that tooltips and help center articles alone cannot deliver.

Learning Paths

Deliver custom paths and courses that cater to each user's role or subscription. Detailed analytics provide a view into what is and isn’t landing.

Certificates & Certifications

Elevate learner achievement with LinkedIn-ready certificates. It’s not just a win for them—it’s also a spotlight on your brand.

Instructor-Led Training

Jump into live training sessions with ease. Skilljar’s seamless Zoom and WebEx integrations mean registrations and calendar syncing are no longer a worry.

Monetized Trainings

Monetize effortlessly with flexible pricing options for courses, paths, subscriptions, or credits, using our payments and Salesforce integrations.

Skilljar for Salesforce

Keep a close eye on churn by pushing training data into Salesforce for inclusion in health scores and account-level reports.

Since implementing Skilljar, we’ve been able to realize a more scalable model of training. Skilljar helped us reach exponentially more customers, ultimately impacting overall revenue retention.
Ashley Kaster
Associate Manager, Learning & Development,
Skilljar has given us a vehicle to really prove out the impact and business case for customer education.
Carla Bagdonas
Head of Customer Education
Skilljar stands out because it’s a dynamic platform, very user friendly and tailored very well to fit our particular use cases as a Saas company.
Emily Bastian
Program Manager, Customer Training
The Skilljar implementation plan was really clean and smooth.
Naomi Worden
Sr. Manager, Customer Enablement

Your new Academy is ready. Are you?