Skilljar for Manufacturing

Elevate your distributors, resellers, and dealers with training that sells

Give your partners an edge with an Academy designed to fast-forward sales and deepen their product expertise.

A woman in a safety vest working on a machine.
Certification Program
Earn a certification to demonstrate your expertise of our product
Onboarding: How to sell our product 101
Explore basic topics if you’re new to our industry and product
Trusted by top manufacturing companies

Are your partners fully equipped to champion your brand?

Without Skilljar

Reliant on expensive, in-person training sessions.
Onboarding feels like a marathon, leaving knowledge gaps wide open.
Distributors and resellers struggle to stay up-to-date on the latest product features and launches.
Managing and tracking mandatory certifications feels like a Herculean task.

With Skilljar

Hybrid learning that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, in any language.
Quick-start onboarding programs forge loyalty and build brand trust.
A one-stop shop for all the latest product info, easily accessible by partners.
Streamlined certifications ensure effortless safety and brand consistency.
Training allows our partners to grow their businesses by selling more and retaining their customers. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between our training and our partners.
Mary Kidd
Systems Manager

Knowledgeable partners are your best sales force

Turn your partners into powerhouse sellers with the skills, product insights, and safety know-how they need to excel.

Host live trainings and webinars

Launch into engaging live sessions without a hitch. Our seamless Zoom and Webex integrations make registrations a breeze, keeping everyone—and their calendars—in sync.

Manage partner certifications and compliance

Keep partners certified and compliant with easy certificate issuance and automatic reminders.

Training that’s customized and role-specific

Craft the perfect learning experience for every partner. Whether it's role, region, or product line segmentation, deliver content that clicks and sticks.

Offer structured learning paths

Lead partners on a clear path to success with structured learning paths based on any attribute. Leverage course progression analytics to identify any sticking points before they become roadblocks.

Keep dealers and partners learning

Smart automations and reminders keep partner training moving. Course analytics track progress, empowering partner managers to focus on strategic conversations versus basic how-tos.

Take a deep dive into the leading external learning management system for onboarding and training your customers

  • Protect and Grow Revenue. Drive gross and net revenue from customers by accelerating and improving product adoption.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency. Enable revenue to scale faster than headcount through digital customer engagement strategies.
  • Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences. Create positive brand awareness and customer sentiment through the entire customer journey.
  • Measure Program Value and Results. Integrate with your go-to-market tech stack (Salesforce, Gainsight, etc.) to easily track and report on key metrics that drive customer satisfaction and retention.
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