Unlock customer loyalty with every lesson

Drive product adoption through targeted learning experiences with Skilljar, and prove that a trained customer is a retained customer.

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Now it’s easy to deliver training to your customers

Ditch the boring courses

Deliver training and onboarding you're proud to offer and your customers are eager to take.

Goodbye repetitive tasks

With automations and integrations, build a learning program that will scale with you as your customer base and product portfolio grow.

Go beyond enrollments

See how training directly impacts your business and revenue, not just how many people clicked play.


Training that hooks and holds

Lean on your Academy for the basics, freeing your team for strategic conversations.

  • Customizable Academy

    Brand it your way. Customize login, header, footer and more to echo your brand, optimized for accessibility so all learners can benefit.

  • Instructor-Led Training

    Go live with ease. Skilljar integrates with Zoom and Webex, simplifying registrations and keeping calendars in sync.

  • Certificates & Certifications

    Applause online. Reward achievements with LinkedIn shareable certificates and certifications that boost both learner pride and your brand visibility.

  • Single Sign-On

    Make log-in easy. One sign-in connects learners to your ecosystem, from Academy to Community to Help Center, effortlessly.


Training that turns a profit

Set your price, expand your reach, and watch the revenue roll in.

  • Flexible payment options

    From subscriptions to training credits, choose a pricing model that works for your business and speeds up access to learning, all supported by Stripe and PayPal.

  • Salesforce for Training Monetization

    Make training your next bestseller. Add training seats to Salesforce contracts, granting access and tracking progress for clear revenue recognition.

  • Content Syndication

    Eliminate access barriers. Offer your courses—free or paid—in the LMS your customers already use, driving learner growth while maintaining analytics.


Training that finally speaks to the C-Suite

Transform education from cost center to strategic asset. Tie customer training to product adoption, reduced support costs, and boosted retention rates.

  • Native Analytics

    Dive deep with pre-built insights. Explore enrollments and completions by course or learner with ease. Plus, export data smoothly with CSV for any analysis you need.

  • Strategic Insights

    Compare your training's impact with similar Skilljar customers—benchmark completion rates, enrollments, and engagement to showcase your program's success.

  • Skilljar for Salesforce

    Bring training data into the everyday workflows of collaborating teams. Incorporate training data into account-level health scores, records, and dashboards.

  • Data Connector

    Harness your training data's full power. Access Skilljar data in a real-time PostgreSQL database, enabling Business Analysts to marry training and business metrics in your data intelligence tooling.

Push learning data to where your team lives

Since implementing Skilljar, we’ve been able to realize a more scalable model of training. Skilljar helped us reach exponentially more customers, ultimately impacting overall revenue retention.
Ashley Matukewicz
Associate Manager, Learning & Development
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