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Deliver a modern learning experience for clinicians

Create a learning hub that seamlessly blends in-person and on-demand training, designed for the unique needs of clinicians, researchers, and partners.

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Are you taking a modern approach to clinician training?

Without Skilljar

Rely on pricey, multi-day, in-person training.
Wrestle with LMS platforms not cut out for healthcare's unique demands—including industry certifications and continuing education accreditations.
Lose track of training attendance, making compliance a guessing game.
Leave learners to navigate the learning maze on their own.
One-size-fits-all training that overlooks individual roles, locations, or credential levels.
Drown in manual spreadsheet tracking for enrollments.

With Skilljar

Blend in-person and online training for flexible, clinician-friendly learning.
Enjoy healthcare-specific workflows for automated enrollments, certification expirations, and course purchasing.
Harness direct registrations within your Academy, complete with calendar syncing and attendance tracking.
Guide every learner into a group that experiences a personalized path, right from the start.
Customize training experiences by role, location, or level, with intuitive search and filtering.
Leave manual tracking behind with automatic progress tracking and insightful analytics.
With Skilljar, we’ve been able to serve more dynamic content to our internal teams, as well as create a powerful lead generation and educational tool for our customers and prospects. It’s incredible that Skilljar can work so well for both distinct target markets.
Lauren Feekin
Biotechnology Marketing Specialist
We switched to Skilljar mainly because of the Salesforce integration and the language packs. We needed an LMS that would accommodate global needs.
Marianne Goossens
Associate Director, Online and Digital Education
Prior to Covid we traveled to wherever our customers were. Skilljar has allowed us to provide relevant training where our customers are, when they need it. Implementing Skilljar has had a tremendous impact on our retention.
Bert Lamar
Sr. Director, Learning & Development
in training program revenue in 4 months

Empower clinicians with your product, from day one and beyond

Navigating the health care landscape demands constant learning. Tackle practice and workflow shifts and meet regulatory needs with dynamic training.

Host live trainings and webinars

Skilljar smooths out the tech bumps, making live training sessions a breeze with Zoom and Webex. Easy registrations, synced calendars, no sweat.

Offer structured learning paths

Guide every clinician with tailored courses. Whether it’s by role or subscription, our analytics spotlight where learners might need a nudge.

Provide targeted content

Segment your audience like a pro. Whether it’s by job title or location, create custom learning spaces that resonate with every clinician's needs.

Run a Continuing Education program

Award certificates upon program or course completion. Automate expiration reminders, and with a few clicks, send off reports to accrediting bodies. Compliance made simple.

Sell your training and courses

Turn training into a revenue stream. Charge for courses, paths, subscriptions, or credits, all seamlessly integrated with payment processors and Salesforce.

Take a deep dive into the leading external learning management system for onboarding and training your customers

  • Protect and Grow Revenue. Drive gross and net revenue from customers by accelerating and improving product adoption.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency. Enable revenue to scale faster than headcount through digital customer engagement strategies.
  • Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences. Create positive brand awareness and customer sentiment through the entire customer journey.
  • Measure Program Value and Results. Integrate with your go-to-market tech stack (Salesforce, Gainsight, etc.) to easily track and report on key metrics that drive customer satisfaction and retention.
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