With Egnyte University's training, users find value in Egnyte's platform 2x faster

With Egnyte University's training, users find value in Egnyte's platform 2x faster

The Challenge

Egnyte needed a scalable, customizable training platform to support end-users and administrators, while also mirroring the company's existing branding

The Solution

In partnership with Skilljar, Egnyte launched Egnyte University, a blended, on-demand training program with customized learning paths for end-users and admins.

The Results

With Egnyte University’s training, users find value in Egnyte’s platform in half the time. Each month, Egnyte University hosts more than 1,000 active students.


Egnyte can be customized to fit the needs of end-users, while also supporting customers’ unique business needs. That said, a fully customizable solution and diverse customer base made creating scalable onboarding tools for customers a challenge for Egnyte. Prior to creating a dedicated training team, Egnyte was reliant on the Sales and Support Teams to host two live trainings every week to onboard new customers. However, as Egnyte’s customer base continued to rapidly expand, the company knew that it needed to scale its education program in order to keep pace.

Egnyte also needed a training experience that mirrored its own branding and unique customer interface. Struggling with a legacy LMS that only offered a one-size-fits-all approach to design and UX, Egnyte turned to Skilljar for help.


• Develop a seamless, customized user experience across all Egnyte-owned sites

• Build a mobile-friendly and easy-to-administer training program

• Utilize robust analytics to continuously improve its training program

The content on Egnyte University enables Egnyte’s customers to deploy and find value 2x faster than before.


Egnyte’s resulting Customer Education program, Egnyte University, blends on-demand training with the advanced customization capabilities Egnyte sought out. With learning paths tailored for Egnyte’s two key audiences, end-users, and admins, Egnyte customers have free access to relevant courses, step-by-step product walk-throughs, knowledge checks, live and recorded webinars, and Egnyte’s library of Quick Tip videos.

Egnyte’s Helpdesk and User Community also integrate seamlessly with its University, ensuring that customers feel supported within a single Egnyte support ecosystem, rather than several disparate systems.

Single-sign-on is another critical element of Egnyte University, ensuring that users can rely on one login to save their course progress. For Egnyte University, students use their standard Egnyte software user login. This enables the company to link a user from within the Egnyte Platform to Skilljar, while simultaneously logging them into Skilljar. This removes additional clicks for students while also tracking which Egnyte accounts are taking the greatest advantage of training.

Since Egnyte University’s inception, the team has been continuously driven to find ways to refine the experience for users. Egnyte is quick to make use of Skilljar’s latest product updates, such as the introduction of banners, as seen below.

Skilljar’s code snippets also allow Egnyte to employ features not yet directly available in the Dashboard. One of the first snippets Egnyte implemented was a munchkin code that connects Skilljar with Marketo campaigns. With that code in place, rather than manually filling out a traditionally long demographic form to join a webinar, users simply register for course on Egnyte University. In addition to making registration easy, it keeps the user within a single LMS ecosystem.

Egnyte further customized Egnyte University to create a layout that sets the stage for learning as soon as users visit the LMS. The company added code to apply a welcome message in the header that both highlights potential learning paths and lets users know they’re in the right place. Additionally, Egnyte applied code to add short descriptions onto catalog tiles so users can see which course is right for them.

Many of the courses can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Students are learning something new without having to invest a lot of time, resulting in higher completion rates. In fact, Egnyte’s most popular series is ‘Quick Tips’, which offers courses that can be completed in less than one minute.

Egnyte’s LMS is promoted in weekly social media posts, its content is leveraged in customer interactions and the company distributes swag displaying the Egnyte U logo. Efforts to get the word out have been critical in driving customers to learn on Egnyte University.


Since Egnyte University was launched in 2017, Egnyte has seen the following results:

• Increased course offerings by more than 900% (From 8 to 81 courses)

• More than 10,000 hours of learning have been completed by users

• Consistently hosted more than 1,000 active users each month

What’s Next?

• Automate course recommendation emails to encourage continued use of training

• Implement a user feedback loop on courses and Egnyte University itself to continue improving the program

• Tighter integration with the Egnyte Community to ensure training is part of the discussion

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