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Drive product adoption & engagement

Reduce time to value and drive customer and partner effectiveness

  • If your business wants to stay competitive, it’s not enough for customers to purchase your product; customers (and their employees and partners) must also understand how to use, and derive value from it.
  • Through the creation and dissemination of tailored, on-demand resources, companies can equip customers with the information and skills to achieve their business goals, and in turn, improve customer retention and promote expansion.

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Smartsheet Case Study

Smartsheet Moves to an eLearning Platform to Help Drive $1M Revenue Target

30%+ increase

in product adoption within 30 days of training

— Smartsheet

Zuora Customer Success

I think of Skilljar as a platform that supports the customer journey. Skilljar isn’t just the place that hosts all of your content and lets you run reports to see the courses that people are accessing and their completion rates. It also lets you guide your customers to specific content based on their tenure, our product, and our understanding of their needs.

Shelly Berkowitz
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Improve customer health & increase retention

Build long-term revenue with lifetime customers and partners

  • With the shift towards the Subscription Economy, the customer relationship is paramount. Companies must constantly work to maintain their customer base and focus on the overall customer relationship to drive renewals and expansions. For technology companies in particular, lifetime value is based on a strong foundation of active, engaged users who understand the value of your product and experience that value regularly.
  • A strong Customer Education program promotes greater rates of retention and expansion, as well as lower churn rates. When customers understand how to continuously derive value from your product via training, they are more likely to renew their contracts and become more loyal over time.

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Asana Case Study

Asana Scales Training and Sees 2X+ Growth in Users for eLearning Platform

NPS increase of 19 points

on trained accounts

— Asana

We've seen our customer satisfaction really increase. The journey from entering into our training portal through choosing what content to purchase, purchasing that content and then ultimately completing the course - it is so much more seamless now. We've been able to take so much of the effort out of that process and we hear that feedback from our customers all the time - how easy it was for them to find what they needed, and take it immediately.

Karen Farmer
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Scale your Customer Success team

Better support your growing customer base while maintaining training consistency

  • In the early days, most Customer Success teams embrace a personalized approach for each customer. While this approach helps the team identify patterns and best practices, it’s not scalable as the business grows and the number of customers expands. As your customer base grows, you’re also likely to see diversity in terms of needs and future growth potential.
  • The right investments in Customer Education can be a game-changer in your scaling efforts and set you up for sustained long-term success. By providing access to on-demand training, you can both support more customers and create a faster, more consistent onboarding process. In supplying your customers with the right content exactly when they are seeking it, you help build the customer relationship and pave the way for long-term customer success.

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Qualia Case Study

Real Estate Software Firm Increases Customer Success Productivity by 30% with Customer Training Platform

30%+ improved

internal team productivity

— Qualia

Avalara Customer Success Training

The benefit of Skilljar is that it's extendable and scalable. I know that it's going to grow with us as we deliver content to more learning communities. I know it. I don't have any doubt about that.

Julie Ormond
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Reduce support costs

Scale training resources to increase satisfaction and self-sufficiency

  • As your customer base grows, you are likely to see an accompanying increase in support tickets and repetitive questions that can quickly overload your Support Team and slow their response time.
  • A strong Customer Education program can help reduce the burden on your Customer Success and Support Teams by offering on-demand training content that addresses key problem areas. As a result, CSMs and Support will see fewer inbound tickets, which means they can resolve other, more unique issues that come up more quickly, and with fewer resources.

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Clever Case Study

Clever Cuts Number of Support Tickets by 25% and Increases NPS by 15 points with Skilljar

25% reduction

in support tickets

— Clever

With our thousands of active accounts that use Qualia for their companies’ mission-critical needs, our CS organization is now able to drive engagement on the LMS rather than reinvent the wheel with each new conversation. It’s lifted an enormous weight from our shoulders.

Adam Baratz, Qualia