Customer Training Made Simple.

The online training platform for customer onboarding and success.

Why Skilljar?

Skilljar’s online training platform enables you to successfully onboard, engage, and retain your customers. It’s easy to create training courses, distribute to web and mobile devices, and track results.

Use Skilljar to deliver scalable and effective training to your customers, channel partners, contractors, and community members.

Skilljar helps you accelerate product adoption, automate onboarding workflows, reduce support costs, and increase long-term customer satisfaction.

Need to train employees? Yes, Skilljar does that too – read more here.



Lead generation

Educate prospective customers about your industry and product. Automatically send registration data to your sales and marketing systems.


Scale customer onboarding with on-demand training. Accelerate product adoption and channel partner effectiveness with a consistent message and trackable results.

Customer success

Build long-term success with continuing education, refresher training, and certifications. Ongoing customer training increases engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

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