What you will learn

We’ve collected highlights from years of researching and creating Customer Education programs and compiled them into four courses.

  • Intro to Program Strategy helps you lay a strong foundation for your Customer Education program.
  • Content Creation & Curriculum Design covers educational models, content strategy, technology, and more.
  • Marketing & Distribution Tactics will help you expand the reach of your Customer Education initiatives.
  • Measurement and Optimization Strategies helps you demonstrate the ROI of your program.

What can I expect from a Customer Education Certification?

We’re here to help realize your potential in Customer Education. We’ll teach you the ins and outs, and then check in to see what you’ve learned.

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Learn from the best

Four short courses featuring video clips and articles that are designed to help you improve customer retention and engagement.

Check your knowledge

Take our final assessment to see what you’ve learned about Customer Education

Get certified

Earn your certificate and share your achievement with the world!

Trusted by professionals everywhere

Years of Customer Education experience means we know how to take your program to the next level.