How Enterprise Companies Use Training to Scale Customer Onboarding, Engagement, and Success

How Enterprise Companies Use Training to Scale Customer Onboarding, Engagement, and Success

Jami Kelmenson
April 20, 2022
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For the most part, if you’re an enterprise company and you don’t have some sort of training platform, it’s a cause for concern among customers as they’ve come to expect some sort of education or onboarding when they sign on.

So how can enterprise companies not only onboard customers but ensure customer engagement with their products at scale? The answer, again, comes down to customer training.

Here are three examples of enterprise companies that are using customer training to onboard their customers, increase customer engagement, and scale customer success.

1. Zendesk Training Increases Certifications and More

Zendesk training and certificaton

Zendesk Training offers 70 on-demand, role based courses and learning paths for Zendesk Agents, Admins, Developers, Sales Reps, and CX Analysts. They also have a robust Certification program with five exams available to Zendesk Admins and one for Zendesk Developers.

In 2016, Zendesk decided it was time to seek a new learning management system (LMS) vendor. They felt their previous platform lacked an appealing interface and didn’t offer a great admin experience overall. Also, they were experiencing issues with integrating some of their internal systems.

Zendesk chose Skilljar to power Zendesk Training because we were proving our leadership in the market, had a modern look and feel, and our solution was able to easily integrate with other tools they were already using. In particular, Skilljar was able to provide customers with a certification program due to integrations with Examity, Caveon, and Credly.

Switching to Skilljar allowed Zendesk to uplevel their training program and realize YOY gains for Active Students (↑58%), Courses Registered (↑69%) and Courses Completed (↑68%). Since implementing Skilljar they have granted more than 850 certifications and issued 743 badges in their certification program.

Skilljar stands out because it’s a dynamic platform, very user friendly and tailored very well to fit our particular use cases as a Saas company.
–- Emily Bastian, Program Manager, Customer Training, Zendesk

Read the full case study.

2. Asana Academy Scales Repetitive Customer Training

Asana Academy

Asana Academy teaches customers the best ways to use Asana through online courses,
video tutorials, and webinar trainings.

Asana needed a way to scale the repetitive training their Customer Success Managers (CSMs) were doing with their customers. Their Customer Education team also wanted to reduce the volume of customer questions that were coming into their support team. Lastly, they wanted to go beyond the limitations of video conferencing software and their community forum to educate their customers through one centralized location.

Asana chose Skilljar to power Asana Academy, providing an easy, accessible one-stop-shop for their customers to find deeper learning experiences through live training as well as self-service. Through Skilljar, they can also track customer engagement and customer learning more closely, leading to proven ROI on product usage and retention.

Skilljar has given Asana a way to massively scale the delivery of training to customers and build a business case for customer education. Thanks to Skilljar, Asana has seen a 2.25x YOY growth in monthly active users for 2021, and NPS scores that are 19 points higher for customers that engage with training versus those that don’t.

Our baseline data shows that customers who engage with any kind of education with Asana Academy tend to be happier, healthier customers.
–- Carla Bagdonas, Customer Education Program Lead, Asana Academy

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3. Gainsight University for Product Onboarding and More

Gainsight University

Gainsight University hosts all of their free product training and registration for ILT classes to serve customers, admins, employees, and career seekers.

Gainsight was looking for a customer training platform that could help drive product adoption and usage, and ultimately contribute to customer retention through strong user enablement. A scalable and customizable solution designed to support customer training was essential to help increase product awareness through educational content across its full product suite.

Gainsight switched from the LearnDot LMS to Skilljar to power Gainsight University in order to accommodate a more robust set of training offerings. They offer learning paths for both end-users and Gainsight administrators who want to improve their job prospects, through multiple training applications grouped by product and role. Their education platform also serves Gainsight employees who need to learn how to use their products and SaaS applications.

Gainsight realized its highest volumes ever for Monthly Average Users (MAUs) and course registrations since switching to Skilljar. They achieved a 67% increase in course completions (over 3X above industry benchmarks) as well as a 56% increase in re-engagement (the number of students returning to the platform to take courses).

Skilljar allows us to deliver a more robust set of training offerings so that our onboarding team can focus more on the technical aspects of customer projects, and our CSMs can partner with clients on strategy, rather than doing ad hoc training.
–- Lila Meyer, Director, Global Education Services, Gainsight

Read the full case study.

Are your enterprise customers getting all they can from your solution? Speak to a customer training expert and learn how Skilljar can help you onboard customers, increase customer engagement, and scale customer success.

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