Marketing Your Customer Education Program via Email

Marketing Your Customer Education Program via Email

April 1, 2019
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Driving consumption of your training materials is among the most important parts of your Customer Education strategy. If you're a software company, new users that are in the user onboarding phase are some of the biggest consumers of training. It's important to get the word out about your program so they can get up and running fast. In addition to sharing recommendations on customer calls or making use of in-app guides, email is a powerful marketing channel that can help you reduce time-to-value when onboarding customers.To get you started thinking about email marketing, here are a few examples of how our customers are currently using email to promote their onboarding programs.Jamf Software, the world leader in macOS and iOS management, uses Skilljar, in tandem with Marketo, to automatically send training opportunities and encourage existing customers to engage with its course catalogue via email. The email highlights several key features of Jamf’s training program:

  1. Customization per user needs (by device, OS, management, etc.)
  2. Use cases (for both new and existing admins)
  3. Call-to-action (“Start Training”)

Jamf saw a huge spike in active learners when it began using this email. On the first day it was sent out, Jamf saw 8x its average number of learners actively engaged with its Skilljar-based program. Since then, Jamf has consistently maintained more than 3x the number of daily learners as compared with the period before using this email strategy.

Jamf 2

Zenefits, the comprehensive human resources application, uses Skilljar’s integration with Intercom to automatically send an onboarding email to new users. This email is successful because it immediately provides value by directing new users to introductory content and it shares an overview of next steps and what users can expect to find in the Zenefits Training program.

Zenefits Email

At Asana, the work collaboration application, the Education Team collaborates with the Marketing team to develop and send out user emails. These emails are delivered to all new users, and act as a means of driving traffic to the company’s training program.Similar to the Zenefits example, Asana offers immediate value by directing customers to the available resources and highlighting several introductory opportunities for learning. This example also showcases the different types of content Asana offers - from traditional courses and a video-based web series, to a resources library, and a support community.

Asana Email

Interested in learning more about Skilljar's integrations and how we can help you build an effective Customer Education and Onboarding program? Check out our resources page and our comprehensive online guide to Customer Education.

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