Introducing Skilljar and Instructor Dashboard feature

Introducing Skilljar and Instructor Dashboard feature

March 19, 2014
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We’re excited to announce that Everpath has rebranded to Skilljar! In this blog post, we provide insight into what motivated our name change, how we made the transition, and what to expect for the future of Skilljar.


The importance of a .com

We want to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find us. Most people assume you can be found at And if they don’t, a search for the name alone likely results in their browser defaulting to .com. This was a key benefit of changing our business name.

What else was important? Social media – we needed a name that was available on all of our social media platforms. But also, the sound and feel. It needed to be easy to say and spell. It should be creative, professional and memorable. It had to make sense for our vast array of instructors, who each have their own unique content. And we wanted to evoke an idea beyond the education space since we work with so many instructors that are reshaping the concept of traditional teaching.

The path to Skilljar

The challenge to find a name that would meet all of our needs could have been really time consuming. And with no guarantee of finding the perfect name. We wanted to stay focused on creating great features for our clients!

We took an approach that didn’t require days of brainstorming on our part, and completed the process in 3 main steps.

  1. Crowdsourcing: We set up a domain name contest through Squadhelp and received more than 800 ideas! After selecting our favorite prefixes and suffixes, we tried different combinations and identified the domains that were available on Sedo.
  2. Feedback: We asked friends and advisors for their feedback on our favorites and continued to narrow the list.
  3. Research: We did a google search on the top 3 options to compare the related search results for our top choices, and eliminated names that companies were already using in the US or abroad.

New and notable

To complete the transition, we also updated our links and social accounts. Find us at:

New feature: Instructor Dashboard

In addition to rebranding to Skilljar, we launched the instructor dashboard. Instructors are now instantly view or download order reports, manage their promo codes, and send announcements to customers who have registered for their course.

Skilljar. New name, new logo: same great service

Our goal hasn’t changed. We’re empowering instructors to teach online courses directly through their own websites. Thank you to the thousands of instructors and students who are already participating on the Skilljar platform!

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