5 Reasons To Bring Your Customer Education Team to Skilljar Connect

5 Reasons To Bring Your Customer Education Team to Skilljar Connect

Jami Kelmenson
August 11, 2022
Skilljar Connect

Now in its fifth year, Skilljar Connect will be held at the Sheraton San Diego Marina & Hotel on November 14 – 16, 2022. This signature event for Skilljar customers brings together the industry’s best in Customer and Partner Education to learn, collaborate, and exchange ideas. Across two days, we’ll share the latest industry trends through insight-rich keynotes, expert panels, and roundtable discussions that will help you create best-in-class customer training and certification programs. Plus, the stimulation from meeting hundreds of energized training professionals always proves to be a tremendous amount of fun!

With many teams being 100% remote and dispersed across the country, perhaps the best reason to bring your team to Connect is to get everyone together and experience the power and magic that comes from human interaction. However, if you need a few more reasons, here are some words from your peers about why they are bringing their teams to Connect 2022, the premier customer education conference.

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Asana at Skilljar Connect

1. “Cultivate inspiration and great ideas”

“This will be the second year our entire team is going to Connect. Having our whole team at Connect last year was such a valuable way for all of us to cultivate inspiration and collect great ideas. We were able to share and discuss those ideas in real-time and were ready to act on some of them when we returned to our day-to-day.”

– Carin D’Oliva, Asana Academy Program Manager

Auditboard at Skilljar Connect

2. “An opportunity to get our  team together”

“My team is mostly remote, scattered throughout SoCal and even Austin, so getting all of us together in person is a challenge. We’re using Connect as the perfect opportunity to get our team together for lots of learning and team bonding time.

We’ll be bringing everyone from both our Instructor-led Training (ILT) and eLearning teams to take away as much information as we can. This will be my third Skilljar Connect and I am beyond excited that my entire team will get to experience it this year.”

– Heather Deaver, Sr. Manager, Education Services, AuditBoard (a 2021 Golden Skillet “Success in Practice” Award winner)

Dan Gualtieri, Senior Manager, Customer Education, BetterCloud

3.“Ensure collaboration is in lockstep”

“In short, we have a small but mighty training team that is all deep into the creation of courses,  strategy for engagement, and analytics that help show the value Skilljar is able to provide for us. We’re getting data out to Salesforce and reporting on it to help gain an understanding of the impact our training offerings are making around retention and customer satisfaction.

“While some teams will have dedicated people specifically for some of these tasks, they’re usually a team of 10. Our team of three works together as a group, all taking on those responsibilities so that if   one or two of us are teaching, we never miss a beat by ensuring our collaboration is in lockstep.”

– Dan Gualtieri, Senior Manager, Customer Education, BetterCloud

Gong at Skilljar Connect

4. “A responsibility to elevate your team members”

“It is my belief that leaders in EDU have a responsibility to elevate their team members and not just their programs. Bringing my entire team to Connect is a no-brainer. It is the perfect place to ‘connect’ as a team but also elevate the hard work they do each and every day. It provides each team member an opportunity to learn from colleagues and share best practices, and it connects the work they do to larger goals and initiatives. Being at Connect as a team sparks creativity and joy for each of us and it has become an awesome opportunity and tradition.”

– Stephanie Pellegrino, Director, Customer Education & Training, Gong (a 2021 Golden Skillet “People’s Choice Award winner)

Buildertrend at Skilljar Conne

5. “Learn how other companies gain leadership buy-in”

“Our reasons for attending Connect as a team are not so much a ‘divide and conquer’ approach. While we do attend separate sessions to gather as much information as possible, we mainly want to have different levels of management attend Connect. As Buildertrend’s Learning Systems Administrator,  I’m interested in attending sessions that help me grow our platform by implementing different ideas. Our other two team members (Senior Manager of Education and Senior Manager of one of our customer success teams) have little day-to-day interaction with Skilljar but are interested in how other companies gain buy-in from leadership.

Going into Connect, we all know what we want to get out of it. There never seems to be enough resources in Education, so when we have an opportunity, we take it!”

– Cameron Boettcher, Learning Systems Administrator, Buildertrend (a 2021 Golden Skillet “Impact” Award winner)

Skilljar Connect 2022

Bonus Reason: Save $400 on every ticket!

Our early-bird rate ends August 31st, at which point Connect 2022 registration passes will go up by $400!

Skilljar customers: There’s still time to gather your team and take advantage of discounted hotel rates, promotional travel codes, and more. Ensure that no one on your team misses a beat gathering takeaways for best-in-class customer education, training, tools, and resources.

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Find more reasons to attend Connect. We look forward to seeing you (and your team) November 14 – 16, 2022 at the Sheraton San Diego Marina & Hotel!

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