[Webinar Recap] Uncovering Actionable Insights with Customer Education Data Integrations

[Webinar Recap] Uncovering Actionable Insights with Customer Education Data Integrations

June 19, 2019
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In our recent webinar, Randon Ruggles, Manager, Curriculum and Content Development at Jamf, discussed five common Customer Education challenges and the integrations that the team has implemented to address these challenges.Jamf is the world leader in macOS and iOS management, enabling IT teams and end users to successfully implement Apple solutions for their enterprise, small business, or school environment. With both instructor-led training (ILT) and online training (OLT) offerings, Jamf’s Customer Education program includes 15 hours of video content, 500 pages of written content, and a further 150 training assets.The development of this content did not happen overnight and as Jamf’s product offerings have expanded, its training program has adapted accordingly. Randon and his team rely on a variety of tools and integrations to address core business goals. These goals and the accompanying integrations Jamf uses are as follows:Challenge #1: Identifying the most effective type of training for your target audience In addition to its onsite, instructor-led training and certification courses, Jamf realized that it needed to scale its Customer Education program by offering an online, on-demand option.After building and launching Jamf University, Randon and his team are now using a “scope and sequence” framework, as well as several integrations to make updates and changes to the courses to ensure content relevance.

  • Relevant integrations: Jira, Confluence, Agile Scrum framework
  • Results: Increased revenue, higher CSAT and NPS scores for certified users

Challenge #2: Scaling your training offerings for a diverse audienceIn order to meet the varied needs of its customers, Jamf regularly repurposes existing content and provides the information in multiple formats. For example, Jamf shifted some of its beginner-level content from an in-person training format into an online course for customers with more limited funds.

  • Useful integrations: Customized content management system (CMS), YouTube, Google Analytics
  • Results: Increased use of training, particularly among pre-sale accounts and for post-sales onboardings

Challenge #3: Creating a single source of truth for customer dataFor Jamf, the most critical requirement for an LMS was deep integration with their CRM, Salesforce. With Skilljar’s Salesforce integration, Customer Education data is shared across departments providing members of Customer Success, Support, Sales, and other teams greater intelligence about customers and the training they are consuming and completing. By connecting Salesforce and Skilljar, Jamf gains a deeper understanding of each account’s unique needs, program capabilities, and opportunities for expansion.

  • Useful integrations: Salesforce via Skilljar
  • Results: Early successes for both internal and external audiences, particularly from a Sales and Technical Support side, as well as increased adoption and validation of knowledge at an early, entry level

Challenge #4: Creating customized, adaptable contentWith an LMS in place and strong user engagement, Jamf’s next challenge was to create learning pathways that address more specific use cases with customized content. Rather than re-inventing the wheel for every customer (and in an effort to reduce the cost of creating new content for every customer), Jamf creates content in small, modular “chunks” that can be arranged, and re-arranged, to best-fit customer needs.

  • Useful integrations: Gainsight, Marketo
  • Results: Onboarding processes which previously took weeks, can now be completed in several hours and with more self-service content, Jamf’s Support Team is relieved of a high volume of customer inquiries. Jamf is also able to create targeted emails and outreach campaigns utilizing this content.

Challenge #5: Evaluating the efficacy of your training programAs Jamf continues developing and expanding its Customer Education program, the company is regularly monitoring the efficacy of its resources and making use of integrations that track course consumption.

  • Useful integrations: SurveyMonkey Wistia, Pendo, Domo
  • Results: Jamf is beginning to uncover correlations between training, customer health, and is ensuring that the updates and changes they make to their content reflect customer needs.

To learn more about how Jamf uses these tools and the insights Randon and his team have gleaned from these integrations, check out the deck below and view the webinar on-demand via this link.

[Webinar] Uncovering Insights with Customer Education Data Integrations from Laura M Miller

For more information, check out our comprehensive online guide to Customer Education.

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