Skilljar Launches Zendesk App to Empower Customer Service Teams with Training Insights

Skilljar Launches Zendesk App to Empower Customer Service Teams with Training Insights

May 31, 2018
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Seattle, WA - Skilljar, the leading customer training platform, today announced the launch of its app that extends Zendesk, Inc.’s cloud-based customer service platform. The integration enables mutual customers to seamlessly access Skilljar training activity next to support tickets on their Zendesk dashboard. Agents using the Zendesk interface can then provide more informed responses and target content recommendations, based on prior customer training activity in Skilljar.


Skilljar's Zendesk App empowers customer service teams to:

  • Quickly view customer training activity in Skilljar right on the Zendesk ticket sidebar
  • Resolve issues faster by providing relevant and targeted training content to customers
  • Reduce ticket volume through an integrated educational approach

“We created the Zendesk app to further collaboration across customer service and training teams and give these teams the insights that they need to improve outcomes for their customers,” said Sandi Lin, CEO and Co-founder of Skilljar. “Companies are seeking ways to consolidate the data and activity across the technologies that are powering customer enablement. When a support agent sees what training activity a customer has engaged in, they can point them to resources that fit their product knowledge and experience. It’s a huge milestone for both improving internal efficiency and helping our mutual customers level up.”Skilljar powers customer enablement initiatives at hundreds of Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies worldwide, and this app will further help them onboard, engage, and retain customers. “The insight to know what a customer has been trained on is invaluable. It has allowed us to provide quicker, more directed responses that help get the customer to resolution faster,” said Loren Ahrens, Director of Education Services at Outreach, an organization using both Zendesk and Skilljar.“Skilljar’s Zendesk App empowers agents with the context that they need to help customers quickly and efficiently,” said Billy Robins, Director of Technology Alliances at Zendesk. “Now that Skilljar’s Zendesk App is part of the Zendesk Apps Marketplace, our mutual customers can view training insights at a glance and provide their customers with more relevant support.” The new Skilljar Zendesk App can be downloaded in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

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