Skilljar Launches Catalog Pages to Increase Customer Engagement

Skilljar Launches Catalog Pages to Increase Customer Engagement

June 9, 2020
Customer Experience
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Skilljar is excited to share our newest features, Catalog Pages and Custom Landing Pages! Catalog Pages empower you to curate an intuitive content browsing experience so your customers can spend more time learning and less time searching. You can create Catalog Pages that guide learners to the right courses based on their role, interests, company, or the product that they’ve purchased.

We’re also launching Custom Landing Pages, a new feature that gives you the power to define which Catalog Page your students land on when they first enter your training portal. Each of these landing pages can be customized to reflect the look-and-feel you want for each audience.

Together, Catalog Pages and Custom Landing Pages optimize the learner experience and make it easy to convert a passive visitor into an active learner.

How do Catalog Pages Work?

Catalog Pages give you complete flexibility when it comes to presenting your portfolio of courses to customers. First, you can group different types of learning objects together on individual pages. Then, you can nest your pages to create the perfect browsing experience for your learners. Rather than wading through tons of courses on a single page or battling filter fatigue, Catalog Pages make content discovery a breeze.

For example, you can create Catalog Pages for different product lines. Then, within each product line’s page, you can nest pages that focus on each skill level. If you serve an international audience, you can create pages for different languages or regions and link directly to them when new customers sign up for your product. When you’re creating training for large customer accounts, you can easily create custom-branded catalog pages for each account. Our advanced permissions settings also allow you to decide who can see and access each page.

Want to share your pages? You can easily share links to a specific Catalog Page or promote them directly from your product, website, or blog.

Catalog Pages

Catalog Pages can be nested to simplify content browsing.

How do Custom Landing Pages Work?

We’re also rolling out custom landing pages, so different groups of students can have customized recommendations and learning paths as soon as they sign in to your learning portal. Rather than having one Catalog Home Page, you can set completely unique default home pages for different groups of students. Students can automatically be routed to the page you’ve selected based on their login credentials.

Catalog Pages can help you bring your learner experience to the next level. Check them out today!

Interested in learning more about Skilljar and the Catalog Pages functionality? Drop us a line here to see it in action!

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