Skilljar & Druva: Integrate With Gainsight for Better Customer Education Metrics [Coffee Chat Recap]

Skilljar & Druva: Integrate With Gainsight for Better Customer Education Metrics [Coffee Chat Recap]

Jami Kelmenson
September 12, 2022
Customer Education Coffee Chats

Skilljar’s monthly Coffee Chats, hosted by Skilljar’s Customer Training Designer, Cutler Bleecker, showcase different ways customers are using our platform, including demos with special guests. This month’s Customer Education Coffee Chat featured a conversation with Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services at Druva.

Skilljar monthly Customer Education Coffee Chat

Stacey was responsible for building the training program at Druva from scratch. Druva is a SaaS data protection solution.They work with over 4,500 companies – from Fortune 500’s to schools, churches and non-profits – because these days, everyone needs data protection. Just having a data protection platform is not enough; you need to learn how to use it, otherwise you risk issues with cybersecurity, ransomware, or worse.

So as a team of one under the Customer Success arm, Stacey had her work cut out for her starting their first formal training program!

A Customer Training Program With A Mission

When Stacey first joined Druva in July 2021, their customer training essentially consisted of a video warehouse on YouTube. There was no sign-in mechanism, no measure of student progress, and no data or insights.

Stacey set out to build a product-oriented training by level. Users start with the basics and then proceed to level 2 (admin training) and level 3 (troubleshooting). They have to be logged in to take the training so that Druva can track their progress via an SSO (Single Sign-on) integration with Salesforce.

Druva Academy customer education platform powered by Skilljar

Druva launched their self-service training platform, Druva Academy, in March of 2022. Stacey explained how they started with a mission – defining the purpose of Druva Academy.

Mission for Druva Academy customer education platform

Druva’s goals for a training platform were to:

  • Provide a one-stop-shop for all training
  • Create an onboarding program for customers during the first 90 days, helping them decrease time to deploy (TTD)
  • Increase renewals and reduce support tickets
  • Build a pro-training community internally to support customers externally
  • Use data to determine training usage and behavior to better support customers

The way to achieve these goals was to scale their customer education platform. With over 200 new self-serve customers each quarter, optional and outdated training was not sustainable or scalable.

Why Druva needed an LMS for Customer Training

Stacey believes trained customers are your best customers and to get them successfully deployed, they need training. Druva’s strategy includes automatically assigning training for every new customer. These accounts receive a certificate of completion when an admin completes the basic training course.

We want all new accounts to be deployed and using the software within 90 days. If they don’t, we notice they don’t renew. – Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Integrating With Gainsight for Customer Education Metrics

Reasons for integrating Skilljar and Gainsight

In addition to Salesforce, Druva uses an integration with Gainsight to build email campaigns that encourage users to initiate or complete training. (While she explained how she used the integration between Skilljar, Salesforce, and Gainsignt to track results, it’s possible for this to work with any CRM tool as long as the integrations are possible.)

This type of integration (between Skilljar, Salesforce, and Gainsight) helps you scale.– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Skilljar has customer data. This data is fed to Salesforce via SSO through an integration. This can help you see data on who is using the Academy but also tie this information to account-level metrics such as account owner, how long they’ve been an account, etc. Through another integration with Gainsight, they were able to build the target email campaigns.

Data flow between Skilljar, Salesforce, and Gainsight integrations

Every customer that is a net new logo on Day 2 automatically gets a welcome email from Druva with directions on how to log into the Academy and take the training. On Day 7, they get a reminder that they should have already completed their Level 1 training. Then, there are other reminders at Day 14 and Day 30.

Using Gainsight for email outreach campaigns with Skilljar LMS

Automated campaigns send targeted emails to each customer based on account metrics, along with recommended training. Druva has a matrix of approximately 60 email templates. Based on certain triggers, they can target various customers and their situations based on looking at these metrics.

As a result of our email campaign with Gainsight, we have a good course completion rate with Skilljar.– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Stacey uses Gainsight Scorecard to assess the status of customer health, including identifying at-risk accounts. Within the Scorecard feature (part of the Customer 360 view provided by Gainsight), they can look at the customer’s overall health. They can see data on how they are using the platform, how many support tickets they’ve put in, their net promoter score, and training metrics. They also use Gainsight features such as Data Designer, which helps them create other robust calculations.

Gainsight Scorecard Metrics for use with Skilljar LMS

Druva has the Skilljar app in Salesforce so all the data from Salesforce and Skilljar comes into Gainsight. This helps to provide one data repository so different teams have the ability to access real-time analytics. For example, if the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) wants to know how many accounts are certified or a CSM wants to know where a customer is on training before a call, it’s all accessible through the Gainsight dashboard. The reports in Gainsight not only have Skilljar data, but customer data as well, such as who the account owner is.

Robust reporting with Gainsight and Skilljar LMS

Stacey can then create email campaigns targeting those customers that haven’t fully deployed their software or are not using it at all. And, if these customers are not taking training, Stacey can reach out to the account owner to find out the reason and nudge them along with resources.

Supporting Internal Teams Through Training

Currently, the only team that is required to complete Druva training internally is new hires on the Support team. Stacey is working with the Product, Professional Services, and CRM teams to expand internal training and is also in the process of creating Sales training so that all employees understand the value of training and what it can provide to new customers.

Once the Sales team understands how great the training is, they’ll become advocates and pass it on to customers.– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Druva incorporates some of this training information as part of CSM quarterly reviews with customers during the onboarding check-in process.

Druva QBR metrics with Skilljjar and Gainsight
There are different admin levels and different ways customers use the platform; we want everyone to be educated on how to use Druva for their needs.– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Early Results for Druva Academy

Druva’s business goals for measuring success of their platform include:

  • 80% account deployment within 90 days (Time to Deploy – TTD)
  • 50% completion rate for mandatory training (You can require users to take training but they must be encouraged to actually complete it.)
  • Improved Net Promoter Score from 50 to 60+

Stacey said they are on track to meet these goals by year end.

We have a high email open rate of around 30%, much better than the industry average. We encourage customers to look for these emails, open them, and read them– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Druva results for Learning Academy powered by Skilljar

So far, Stacey was pleased to report that 24% of their self-service customers log into the Academy and start training within the first 90 days. Sixty percent of customers are deploying within the first 90 days (Time to Deploy – TTD). And their course completion rate of 48% for new accounts is just about at goal. She is looking forward to seeing these numbers improve as they continue to deploy and refine their campaigns using Skilljar and Gainsight.

Druva received the GameChanger award at Gainsight Pulse as a result of their ability to find at-risk customers using Skilljar data in conjunction with the Scorecard metric, among other innovations. Druva won the Defender award, which recognizes the company that used Gainsight to identify areas of potential risk to the business in order to increase product adoption, improve retention, accelerate expansion, and decrease churn.

All the great work we’ve done with Gainsight and Skilljar has been amazing.– Stacey Carrillo, Program Manager of Education Services, Druva

Speaking of integrations, Stacey said they are moving from complete video-based training to more interactive forms using Articulate (which also integrates with Skilljar), so users can consume training in the format they prefer.

See a full list of Skilljar integrations.

Skilljar customers often learn a lot from seeing other people’s programs and hearing what their goals and objectives are – and then use that information to reflect on and improve their own programs. Find out how it works: join our next coffee chat or share these recaps with your teams!

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