inSided and Skilljar Announce Integration Partnership to Streamline Community and Customer Education

inSided and Skilljar Announce Integration Partnership to Streamline Community and Customer Education

January 19, 2021
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Today, inSided and Skilljar announced the launch of an integration bridging inSided’s Customer Success Community Platform and Skilljar’s Customer Education Platform. The integration streamlines the exchange of Community, Customer Success, and educational content. Moreover, it supports further development of a comprehensive Customer Education ecosystem for B2B SaaS and subscription-based companies.

This integration creates a direct connection between inSided’s Community Software and Skilljar’s Customer Training Platform and allows companies to unify their customer learning environment. Community and Education professionals will benefit from cohesive branding across platforms, increased reach and impact of training materials, and greater visibility into customer learning requests.

For customers, the integration provides a single access point for exploring Q&As, engaging with training resources, sharing best practices, browsing company-curated knowledge articles, contributing user-generated content, and providing product feedback. The enhancements improve the customer journey by providing a streamlined and social customer experience.

“Having one central location for customers to access all of your Customer Success content is pivotal,”  says Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Co-founder of inSided. He continues to emphasize that “a well integrated online community can amplify one-to-many engagement with your customers, while keeping them on track to get the best value out of your product and the community without additional barriers.”

On-Demand Resources Now Critical for Remote Workforce

The switch to a largely remote working environment has accelerated the need for accessible, on-demand customer enablement resources. However, customers are also at risk of becoming overwhelmed by the many resource portals at their disposal, including Documentation, Community, Education, Customer Success, and Support.  Now more than ever, leading Customer Success teams are tasked to create a streamlined customer experience that combines both self-service and educational resources to drive customer adoption, engagement, and retention.

“We’ve seen time and time again that Customer Education improves customer outcomes,” says Sandi Lin, CEO and Co-founder of Skilljar. She continues, “increasing the number of access points that lead to customer onboarding and training materials improves teams’ ability to drive these outcomes at scale.”

For Customer Success teams in high growth SaaS and subscription-based companies especially, a focus on customer engagement and education can relieve the strain on support, onboarding and get customers to achieve the value from your products faster.

About Skilljar
Skilljar delivers an innovative training platform which enables businesses to provide scalable and effective Customer Education. The enterprise-grade solution is used by hundreds of companies to accelerate customer onboarding and product adoption by enabling multimedia course creation, an intuitive and mobile-responsive learning environment, and automated CRM data integrations. Founded in 2013, Skilljar is based in Seattle and backed by top-tier venture capital firms Insight Partners, Mayfield, Shasta Ventures, and Trilogy Equity Partners. For more information, visit

About inSided
inSided is the only Customer Success Community platform for SaaS and Subscription based companies. Sporting a killer combination of a customer community, a knowledge base, in-app support and everything you need to get Product Feedback and Ideation and drive Customer Advocacy. By integrating with software like Zendesk, Skilljar, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and Gainsight you can connect your community to your entire tech-stack and create a 360 degree view of your customer. Leverage that 360 degree customer view & your own branded community to scalably increase Customer Engagement, Self-service, close the loop on Product Feedback and create REAL brand advocates. For more information:

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