Increase Sales using Promo Codes with these Four Channels

Increase Sales using Promo Codes with these Four Channels

April 3, 2014
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You’ve published your online course, what’s next? Marketing. In a previous article we identified five marketing strategies that would benefit from promo codes. Today we take a look at four channels you can use to implement these strategies.

  1. YouTube – Already have a YouTube channel? Great! If not, that’s ok too. You can check out YouTube support for information on setting up your own channel. And the promo videos for your courses are the perfect content to upload. Display a link to the discounted course in the Description section of the channel homepage, the “About” section of your channel page, and the “About” section of each video.Tip: For Skilljar instructors, once you create a promo code, you can offer a link directly to the discounted course if you add ?pc=promocode to the end of your course url.
  2. Newsletter – If you have been maintaining an email list, this is a great channel to utilize. You’ve built an audience who is waiting to hear from you! Spread the news that your online course is available, and grab their interest by offering them a deal on it and including a promo code for a discount.
  3. Blog – Your blog is a great place to include a link with a promo code. Publish an article that complements the subject of your online course. You can captivate your readers by demonstrating your expertise in a subject, and then provide a discount link at the end for readers to learn more.
  4. Facebook – Announce a deal on your online course in a Facebook post with a link to the discounted course included. An article by Socially Stacked, a Facebook page designing company, stated that 42% of people like a page in order to receive discounts. Additionally, if you can allocate any budget toward a paid campaign, you can increase your post’s reach by targeting other users who might be interested in your course.

Track Each Promo Code’s Success

Create a different promo code for every channel, and for every unique location in a channel. Let’s say you have two videos on YouTube, for example. You would want four unique promo codes: one for each video page, one for the Description section of the channel homepage, and one for the About section of the channel page. You’ll be able to tell which codes were most successful, and can tailor your future efforts based on your findings.

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