How to Connect Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Hubspot

How to Connect Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Hubspot

December 10, 2015
Content Development

We recently started using Hubspot to track potential customers as they evaluate Skilljar's online training platform. While investigating the Twitter ad platform, I was surprised to find that Hubspot isn't listed as an integrated CRM or marketing automation provider (for the supported list, including Marketo and Salesforce, see is a major inconvenience, as we'd otherwise need to periodically download CSVs from each Twitter lead generation card in order to track signups.Fortunately, Twitter provides an optional endpoint that I was able to successfully configure to work with Hubspot. Read on to learn how!

Step 1: Create a Hubspot form

From the Hubspot marketing dashboard, create a form by going to Content->Forms.I called mine "Twitter Lead Gen Submit."


Twitter sends you the email address, Twitter @ handle, and Twitter username for leads.So in Hubspot, configure the form to accept the properties for Email and Twitter Username. Confusingly, Hubspot's "Twitter Username" property actually corresponds to Twitter's @ handle, not the Twitter username. Keep this in mind for later.Save the Hubspot form. Make a note of the URL, as you'll need it in the next step.

Step 2: Configure your Twitter lead generation card

Go to Twitter's Edit Card page by going to Creatives->Cards.Open the Data Settings (optional) form area.


In the Submit URL box, you'll need to paste a URL that's in the form of: you still have the URL from the Hubspot form in Step 1. It's in the form of: out the Portal ID and Form ID and construct your Twitter Submit URL accordingly.In the HTTP method, change the default method from GET to POST.Finally, in the Custom key name boxes, you'll fill in the Hubspot API names on the right that correspond with Twitter's user information on the left.

  • Leave "Name" blank as Hubspot requires First Name and Last Name as separate fields. Also, Twitter users don't necessarily put real information into this field.
  • For Email, put the word "email"
  • For Screen name, put the word "twitterhandle". This matches the Twitter @ handle to Hubspot's Twitter username.

Click Update Card at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Step 3: Test the integration

Twitter will automatically redirect you to the next page, which tests the integration. You will hopefully see the Success result. If not, check your Submit URL.


Assuming the integration is successful, you'll see the contact in Hubspot pretty much immediately. Any form automations will also work correctly. For further Hubspot documentation, see this help article:


That's it! You'll now be able to create Twitter lead generation cards that send data directly into Hubspot. To check out Skilljar's card on Twitter visit:!

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