Best LMS Software to Deliver Product Training

Best LMS Software to Deliver Product Training

June 17, 2024
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Simply having a great product isn't enough anymore—customers expect a seamless, ongoing experience that shows them how to use it to solve their pain points and meet their needs. Beyond basic functionality, product training empowers customers to achieve goals faster, maximize value, and become self-sufficient. The result? Increased customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth.

Why effective product training is critical

Insufficient product or feature awareness, a complex onboarding process, inadequate user education, and low customer support resources can all be stumbling blocks to product adoption, engagement, and loyalty. Effective product training helps your company meet crucial business goals, including:

  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction: When customers understand the full potential of your product, they can leverage more of its features and benefits. Effective product training enables them to do just that, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  • Increased product adoption and usage: By teaching users how to use your product effectively, you drive higher product adoption because they feel more comfortable using it. When they feel more comfortable and see the value, they will use your product more.
  • Reduced support costs and minimized churn: When users have the resources to troubleshoot issues independently, they are less reliant on costly customer support teams. Effective training also helps users get the most out of your product, reducing frustration and the likelihood that they will abandon it.
  • Accelerated brand loyalty and advocacy: When users have a positive experience with your product,  they're more likely to become loyal brand advocates and recommend your product to others. Effective product training makes them more confident, self-assured users who will spread the word to others about how your product helps them.

How a learning management system can simplify product training

The days of one-to-one product training, or even in-person group training, have long passed. Today, software exists to provide scalable training programs that grow as your user base grows. Learning management systems (LMS), in particular, provide the best product training experiences because they enable self-service onboarding courses and product tutorials, along with the ability to create personalized learning paths based on user roles and skill sets.

Here is an overview of what to look for in an LMS to make it the best choice for your product training software:

  • Easy content creation and upload: The LMS should support a variety of content formats like videos, PDF documents, quizzes, and SCORM packages, along with built-in content authoring tools for easy course creation and access.
  • Flexible deployment and integration options: LMS integrations allow you to connect your learning platform with other software you use. Common integrations include CRM systems, customer success platforms, data analytics tools, and payment gateways. Integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry between systems and can create a seamless environment to measure how training increases product usage and adoption.
  • User management options: User management allows admins to control access and permissions within the LMS. This means you can tailor product training by adding or removing users and assigning specific training to users based on level or role, Some platforms let you manage permissions on an individual basis or create groups with predefined access levels for a more efficient workflow.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics: An LMS allows you to track learner progress through courses, identify areas where they might be struggling, and measure the overall effectiveness of your product training programs. This data can be used to improve the learning experience and adjust course content.

Why Skilljar is the leading LMS for product training

Skilljar stands out as a leading LMS for product training due to its focus on the learner experience, ease of use, and sophisticated features. Here are some ways that Skilljar enhances product training.

1. User experience and learner engagement

Engaging learners is key to successful product training. Skilljar’s clean and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find and navigate courses. Skilljar even personalizes the learning experience by recommending courses and paths based on individual needs and progress.

Skilljar also allows you to customize the look and feel of your training experience to match your brand guidelines for a seamless user experience. Plus, with a mobile-friendly design, learners can access training materials on any device, anywhere.

2. Content creation and management

Creating effective product training courses doesn't require coding expertise with Skilljar. Skilljar’s software is flexible enough to import packaged content in SCORM 1.2 format, and we also support lightweight course authoring by directly uploading videos, PDFs, creating quizzes, and more. In fact, you can combine one or more SCORM software packages with other types of content authored on the Skilljar platform, all within the same course.

3. Deployment and integration flexibility

Getting your training program up and running shouldn't be a hassle. Skilljar offers a cloud-based LMS system, eliminating the need to manage your own servers. This means a faster setup process and less maintenance for your IT team.

Plus, with Single Sign-On (SSO) and user provisioning, learners can access courses using their existing login credentials, saving them time and reducing login fatigue.

Skilljar integrates with many popular business applications, including popular CRM systems like Salesforce, helpdesk software, and even payment gateways. This allows you to centralize data and create a unified learning experience.

4. Reporting and analytics

Skilljar provides comprehensive reporting and dashboards that offer insights into learner progress and the effectiveness of your training programs. You can track user activity and course completion rates to see how learners are engaging with the material. This valuable information helps you identify areas for improvement and ensure your training programs are hitting the mark.

Skilljar even allows you to integrate your learning data with other business intelligence and product analytics tools (e.g., Eloqua, Amplitude, Hotjar, Google Analytics) for a holistic view of performance.

5. Customer support

Skilljar offers a comprehensive support system designed to meet your needs, whether you're a seasoned learning pro or just getting started.

Skilljar's help center has ample resources, organized for easy navigation. Browse by role and topic to find what you're looking for quickly. There’s a glossary to explain industry terms and a library of tools and templates to jumpstart your course creation process.

Skilljar understands the value of product training. That’s why our own Skilljar Academy provides comprehensive onboarding courses for designing, launching, and maintaining your complete product training experience. 

Skilljar has a dedicated developer center filled with resources for technical users. This includes an HTML template library to streamline course design, a collection of useful code snippets to enhance functionality, and a suite of developer enablement tools to simplify integrations, setup, and further platform customization.

Examples of product training enabled by Skilljar

We love seeing what amazing things our customers achieve. Let's take a look at how some businesses are using Skilljar to reach their product training goals.

Automox, a company that helps automate IT tasks, wanted to simplify its customer onboarding process. They turned to Skilljar to create a user-friendly training platform called "Automox University." This allowed them to move away from repetitive manual training sessions and enable customers to learn at their own pace. As a result, Automox has seen 3x the number of new users enrolling in training within just a few months and a 75% reduction in manual training hours required for onboarding.

Skilljar isn't just about creating amazing training content, it's also about empowering businesses to deliver it efficiently. Take Paycor, for example. A leader in the HR and payroll space, Paycor’s traditional in-person training model simply couldn't keep pace. It was expensive, logistically complex, and limited their reach. Using Skilljar, Paycor scaled its training process. The result was exponential growth in active students, course completions, and certifications—all within a cost-effective and interactive ‌learning platform.

Skilljar enables more effective product training

Skilljar is a cloud-based learning management system that helps businesses build and deliver customer training programs. From content creation tools and integration flexibility to insightful analytics and a well-rounded customer support team, Skilljar gives you everything to transform your customers into product masters. 

Get a Skilljar demo to learn how our software can improve your product training initiatives.

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