Every day at Skilljar we have the opportunity to work with the best Customer Education programs around the world. We see companies big and small, and from a variety of different industries, create, build, and optimize training programs that set the bar for what an impactful, successful Customer Education experience looks like. And every day, we’re inspired by these very programs and customers

That’s why one of our favorite parts of Skilljar Connect is the annual Golden Skillet Awards, recognizing the top Customer Education programs in the world for their innovation and impact.

Over the years, Skilljar employees have come to be known as “Skillets,” inspiring the Golden Skillet name and physical award. This year, we continued the tradition of the Golden Skillets by welcoming six new winners to the awards’ ranks, as well as two repeat winners who have continued to build and optimize their programs. 

This year’s winners are:  

Qualtrics and Dataiku, who were recognized with the Innovation in Customer Education Golden Skillet Award, which honors training programs demonstrating innovation, thought leadership and industry-wide contribution.
Culture Amp, The Trade Desk, and Zuora, who won the Impact Award, which recognizes programs that have set and achieved ambitious corporate business goals.
Alarm.com, Procore, and Moz, who won the Success in Practice Award, which recognizes programs that have achieved a remarkable milestone using Skilljar

To learn more about each of these companies’ programs and to see the winners from previous years, check out The Golden Skillets Awards page