The Marketing Trifecta Your Training Program Needs

If you’ve faced push-back on the value of your training program, struggled to create on-brand and enticing Academy experiences, or hoped your training program could generate leads—Summer Sessions was crafted just for you.

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Welcome to a series where buzzwords take a backseat and actionable insights drive. Join us for Skilljar's Summer Sessions, designed for real external training leaders looking to make real improvements in their programs. Expect straightforward talk, practical strategies, and insights from industry insiders.

Join Skilljar’s own marketing team as they dive deep with some of the best external training pros from Reltio, LinkedIn, AuditBoard, and FloQast to untap the potential marketing can have on your holistic education strategy. With one click, you can attend them all—or just one and get the rest on-demand.

Matt Robinson
Head of Training & Enablement
Jill Glynn
Senior Manager, Scaled Engagement
Robyn Kim
Senior Instructional Designer
Elyce Ladany
Manager, Digital Education
Kendall MacLean
Senior Manager, Customer Education and Enablement
Ali Biggs
VP of Marketing
Caroline Van Dyke
Head of Content
Nicole Pendland
Head of Demand Gen

Summer Sessions

Summer Session #2

Optimizing Reach: How to market your external training program to learners

July 18, 2024
10 A.M. - 11 A.M. PST

You’ll walk away knowing how to win attention & advocacy through learner marketing:

  • Develop clear, engaging content that speaks directly to learner needs.
  • Identify and use the most effective channels for reaching your audience.
  • Ensure your training materials reflect your brand’s visuals, voice, and values.
  • Implement systems to collect and use learner feedback to improve content continuously.
Summer Session #3

Building Pipeline: How your Academy can drive marketing leads

August 15, 2024
10 A.M. - 11 A.M. PST

You’ll walk away knowing how to turn your Academy into a marketing lead driver & revenue generator  

  • Strategies to convert educational milestones into marketing leads.
  • Explore pricing strategies and promotional tactics for selling courses.
  • Use analytics to understand which courses drive engagement and conversion.
  • How to package and repurpose educational content to enhance its marketability.
Summer Session #1—now on-demand

Gaining Buy-In: How to market your external training program internally

June 27, 2024
10 A.M. - 11 A.M. PST

In this session, attendees waledk away knowing how to  win hearts & minds (plus budget) through internal marketing. With your sign-up, you will get immediate on-demand access to the recording:

  • Break down the core concepts of CE and how it differs from typical training efforts.
  • Use real-world examples and data to show CE's impact on company goals.
  • Steps to elevate CE's role within the company, turning it from a niche program to a core strategic pillar.
  • Multiple teams can benefit from the Academy—from CE to CSMs to Marketing to Support. Having trained customers = a time/effort saved in their day-to-day, plus impact on metrics they care about.
  • Techniques to make internal teams excited about promoting and participating in CE

Your new Academy is ready. Are you?