Advanced Access Code Settings

Advanced Access Code Settings

July 27, 2015
Skilljar Product

Create your desired user experience by customizing the access to your online training course catalog. Choose to give users indefinite access, a set amount of time, or an expiration date for when they are able to view your training courses. Use our advanced Access Code settings to create different experiences for your different users.Depending on your training course offerings and business plan, you may want to limit some user's access to your course catalog. When publishing your training courses on Skilljar, you can determine if you want your course catalog and domain to be accessed by anyone, only those who log in, or only those who log in with an access code. If you choose Access Code Required, you can customize your user experience based on the access codes you create.For example, you can create a code for each of the following use cases:

  • You want to offer individual users access to your course catalog for six months, beginning when they sign up.
  • You want to give businesses twelve months to access your course catalog, starting January 1 and expiring December 31.
  • You want to give three of your peers access codes to use indefinitely to help you review and test your course content.

Customize your access codes by choosing the following settings:

  • Number of uses: Keep it unlimited, or cap the maximum amount of uses per code.
Skilljar Access Codes
  • Start/End Dates: Choose when the code can be used to access your course catalog.
  • Individual user access: After a user inputs the code, you can: let them see your course catalog indefinitely; limit their access to a set amount of time (ie 12 months); or set their access to expire based on the access code end date.

Using access codes is a great way to control when users can register for your courses. Additionally, you can make Groups based on access codes, which allows you to review metrics and analytics for those specific users.

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