3 Ways to Increase Training Adoption for Customer Success

3 Ways to Increase Training Adoption for Customer Success

March 3, 2015
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For training managers who help SaaS customers with initial onboarding and ongoing customer success, it's often a challenge to provide training that's both scalable and engaging. SaaS customer training is frequently delivered on-demand, so that customers around the world have the benefit of immediate 24/7 access, without the need to schedule an instructor-led session. However, getting customers to register for and complete training on their own presents an ongoing challenge.How can SaaS training managers increase engagement with self-paced courses? By making the experience as seamless as possible. Here are 3 ways to increase training adoption for customer success.


1. Integrate Training into your SaaS Application

Make training easily accessible in your SaaS application where your customers are already using your product. This can take the form of a simple navigation link, or buttons that launch individual courses. By integrating training into your app rather than as a standalone site, your customers are more likely to explore and begin the training.The reverse direction is also effective. Learning management systems like Skilljar enable training managers to embed any cloud-based website as part of the course. Thus, you can provide hands-on exercises via instructions on one side of the page with the live SaaS app embedded on the opposite side.

2. Use Single Sign On and Custom Branding

Reduce barriers to training by creating a seamless user experience and enabling customers to use their same login credentials. In fact, if you launch training from your SaaS app as described above, your customers will already be logged in automatically. This dramatically reduces the steps needed to begin the training.For a consistent branding look and feel, set up your training site with a custom domain (e.g., logos, colors, and custom CSS. Your customers will have a seamless handoff between your app and your training site.

3. Design Just-in Time, Bite-Size Training

Today's learners are looking for short pieces of relevant training content. They may resume the training material at the office and at home, on various devices, and on the go. When designing your course, keep each module short (ideally five minutes or less). Look for a learning management system like Skilljar that bookmarks trainee progress, has unique links for each lesson, and is mobile-responsive.For even more relevance, push just-in-time training to customers based on their behavior in the app. For example, if a customer accesses reporting for the first time, you can send them an email or display a widget that links to your reporting course.


To increase adoption of your SaaS customer training content, integrate training into your application directly, use Single Sign On and custom branding, and design just-in-time, bite-size training. These techniques help create a seamless experience for your customers so that your training material is easily accessible and consumable in small chunks. With these tips, you're well on your way to streamlining your onboarding process and ensuring long-term customer success.You might also be interested in...4 Ways to Increase Your Training ROI

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