4 Ways to Increase Your Training ROI

4 Ways to Increase Your Training ROI

November 10, 2014
Training Strategy

Today we're taking a look at success. How do you define success as a training manager? Every company has their own unique training objectives, so success may look a little different depending on those goals. Increasing your training ROI, however, is a universal goal that can impact the overall success of your company. 

One of the key metrics used to measure training ROI is total duration, or total time learners spend with training materials. Here are four ways to increase your training ROI by driving user engagement.


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1. Implement On-Demand Training

On-demand training provides an efficient training method that enables you to reach more learners. Your channel partners in San Francisco can participate in training as easily as your vendors in Dubai, with no additional resources required from you or your instructors. When you are no longer restricted to your trainer's schedules, training can occur globally, and at any time. 

2. Use Video-Based Learning

We live in a highly video-based culture, so it's no wonder that video is becoming an increasingly important format for training. Learners are comfortable with the medium, and L&D research continues to point to higher retention rates when video is employed. With technology innovations making it easier than ever to create and deliver high quality video, it's an easy decision to employ video learning for higher engagement. We'll dig into more details about video-based learning in a future article.  

3. Offer Bite-Sized Learning

The popularity of bite-sized, or chunked, learning is on the rise. By providing training content in small, digestible bites, learners can process information more easily. When learners feel more successful in training, they will be more interested in engaging with your program, and the bite-sized technique can help drive that success.

4. Adopt the Right LMS

LMS options are numerous and varied, but they each differ in their specializations. The right LMS will enable scalable training development and delivery. This will empower your company to reach more trainees than ever before, and keep learners engaged with high quality content. The features that are most important to you will ultimately depend on your specific training goals and company requirements, but each of the following features are key to driving engagement:

  • Responsive design - An LMS with responsive design increases the chances for training opportunities. By freeing learners from their computer, you empower anytime/anywhere training, and learners can use their preferred device.
  • Learner experience - Gone are the days when it was okay to deprioritize the trainee experience. A professional experience and intuitive interface are must-haves to keep learners engaged.
  • Self-registration - Offer the ability for learners to register themselves for training. If learners aren't dependent upon an administrator to assign training to them, they can engage in training in real time as needed.

Total duration is a key measurement of your training ROI. With the right strategy, you can increase trainee time spent by driving user engagement. Offering on-demand, video, and bite-sized learning techniques, in conjunction with supporting your training with the right LMS, will make a world of difference for duration metrics.

What methods have you used to drive user engagement with your training? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below!


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