🎵I’ve got a Golden Ticket, I’ve got a Golden Ticket…erm Golden Skillet…🎵

Golden Skillets 2018

If you thought Charlie was excited about his Golden Ticket, you’ll never believe how excited we are about the Golden Skillet Awards!

The Golden Skillet Awards recognize Skilljar customers for their groundbreaking innovation in developing programs to onboard, educate, and engage customers, partners, and internal audiences. At Skilljar Connect 2020, we will award Golden Skillets for the following categories: 

  • Innovation in Customer Education Award, which honors training programs demonstrating innovation, thought leadership and industry-wide contributions.
  • Impact Award, which recognizes programs that have set and achieved ambitious corporate business goals and are well appreciated for their impact on the business
  • Success in Practice Award, which recognizes programs that have achieved a remarkable milestone using Skilljar

Connect 2019 Golden Skillets

Connect 2019 Golden Skillets

Still unsure who’s more excited than Charlie for Skilljar Connect? Hint: it’s us.