[Webinar Recap] Customer Education Strategy 101

[Webinar Recap] Customer Education Strategy 101

May 22, 2019
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In our recent webinar, Erika Dunham, Director, Education Services at UserZoom, discussed how to strategically develop a Customer Education program. Mindful of how overwhelming it can be to develop a Customer Education program from scratch, Erika shared three key components to focus on during the process: content, technology, and engagement.1. ContentWhen you are creating a new program, the first step is to identify the goals for the program. These could be decreasing time to value, improving customer health, scaling the customer success team or something else. Clearly defining these goals will help you get a sense for the type of content that you need to create.In addition, consider asking your existing customers what type of content and learning format would be helpful for them. This will ensure that you are providing relevant, valuable information in a format that is easiest for them to consume. When it comes to sourcing content, don’t forget about pre-existing webinars, articles, or other resources that you may be able to modify or update. You may have to create some content from scratch, but it’s likely that your company already has some resources that you can use as a starting point.Erika also outlined a methodology for content creation which you can find by downloading the presentation recording.2. TechnologyErika thinks of technology in terms of a learning management system, and also relevant integrations like Salesforce and Marketo that help you extend the value of your Customer Education data. While there is a vast array of technology vendors out there, Erika stressed the importance of finding and using technology that best fits your business needs now and in the future. A good way to do this is by selecting a vendor that focuses on customer and partner education.3. Engagement The third component of a successful training program that Erika discussed is the strategy for engagement. Engagement is all about how you let customers, prospects, and your internal teams know about your program. Internal teams like Sales, Support, and Customer Success can be some of the greatest promoters of your program so be sure to partner with them as you develop your program.Content, technology, and engagement are the building blocks upon which you can build, expand, and optimize your training program. To learn more about the fundamentals of a Customer Education program, or to find out more about Erika’s Customer Education program at UserZoom, view the webinar on-demand via this link.For more information, check out our comprehensive online guide to Customer Education.

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