[Webinar Recap] Learning Management Redefined: the Benefits of a Customer Training Platform

[Webinar Recap] Learning Management Redefined: the Benefits of a Customer Training Platform

July 24, 2018
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Is your legacy HR training system compromising your customer training efforts? Today, companies like Cisco, Snowflake and Zuora are investing in technologies that are purpose-built for customer education. As a result, they can effectively drive product adoption, retention and customer success.In our latest webinar with Training Industry, we sat down with customer onboarding and engagement expert, Donna Weber, to discuss the key benefits of a Customer Training Platform (CTP).Continue reading for a few key takeaways:1. Why is customer training different?As Donna Weber put it, customer training is not about compliance, or getting “butts in seats” - it’s about driving business impact. For this reason, you need to have systems in place that enable you to measure how training affects product adoption, renewal rates, customer satisfaction, and other success metrics. 2. What is different about customer training? When building your training program, consider your audiences, content, and business impact. Remember, customers often have different roles. For instance, a company might have administrators, developers, and partners - all of whom would benefit from different learning pathways, or even separate training portals. Of course, you may also need to make quick content changes if your product updates on a frequent basis. Think about it this way: as a customer training professional, you’re running a business within a business. This means you need to develop a curriculum and go-to-market plan, market the product, sell it, deliver it, and ensure customers see the benefits.3. How is customer training different? Legacy systems often struggle with customer training. Since they were originally built to align with an internal HR compliance or performance management use case, they don’t have all the features of a Customer Training Platform (CTP).To name just a few differentiators, your CTP should include:

  • A multimedia course builder
  • Robust analytics
  • Payments functionality
  • Integrations with your CRM

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