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Skilljar Customer Education Coffee Chat

“We see customer training being pivotal to the success and the adoption of our platform and to the long-term health of our users.”
– Craig Jansen, Head of Program Education, Contentsquare

July’s Customer Education Coffee Chat featured a conversation with Craig Jansen, Head of Product Education for Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics trusted by more than 750 brands. Craig shared how he garners NPS-style feedback from the users of Contentsquare University, which offers over 40 courses, across five product lines, to more than 1,000 users per month.

Contentsquare University

Contentsquare: “Customer Feedback is a Gift”

Craig Jansen is serious about customer feedback for Contentsquare University, which he describes as a “one stop shop for all customer onboarding” for their UI/UX analytics platform. 

According to Craig: “We’re trying to scale, and we’re growing quite quickly. We’re onboarding clients all over the world. So with the help of Customer Success, we encourage all of our clients to take our training and get certified. And we’re asking users to help us improve the process by collecting feedback as part of their training.” 

Timing is everything for Contentsquare’s onboarding efforts. The key window for them to teach customers how to use their platform is right after they sign up and before they implement.  

Contentsquare NPS

Craig tracks activity on Contentsquare University to learn:

  • How quickly are users getting certified after signing on?
  • Are certified users coming back for more training and how often? 
  • How many connections to the platform do certified users make and how often?
  • What features are certified users assessing on the platform?
  • How do users rate individual courses in Contentsquare University? What do/don’t they like about the courses?
  • How confident or optimistic are users about using the platform after training? 
  • How can Contentsquare revamp courses based on user feedback?

And, of course, the big question for Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • On a scale of 1 – 10, would users recommend Contentsquare University to their colleagues? 

Craig’s tracking uncovered that users who engage with training and certification are twice as likely to connect with, and spend twice as much time on, their platform than non-certified users.

Low-tech Execution, Big Business Results 

Craig uses a simple Google Form to obtain the answers to his NPS-style questions. Through an internally-built dashboard in Google Data Studio, he is able to tabulate the results on a quarterly basis to align with how the company is measuring NPS overall. In other words, the system of quantifying “Promoters”, “Detractors,” and “Neutrals” for Contentsquare University is socialized throughout the company, which is collecting the same information about the organization as a whole. 

Company executives understand the value of NPS. So it’s easy to speak their language and tie NPS for customer learning back to NPS for the company.

You have an NPS for the product, why not have an NPS for your learning platform? – Craig Jansen

Peer-to-Peer Advice 

Craig mentioned that he was participating in the Coffee Chat to learn from attendees as much as he was there to share his journey with NPS and customer feedback. He gave the following advice to our Coffee Chat attendees:

Help customers be successful. “Let them know you have an education program that’s proven to be successful with people like them. Show the value in customers that go through the training and get certified compared to those who don’t. Use customer feedback to back these claims.”

If you ask for feedback, read it. If customers take the time to write me a note, I’m going to take the time to read it. I read through everything. Feedback is a gift.”

Don’t take it personally. “You’re trying to satisfy the masses, but you’re never going to satisfy everyone. Just improve it for the next person and move on.”

Find a customer champion. “Identify at least one user from a new client who will dive in and take the training. Users who are super-motivated are going to take your training and get certified. Then they’re going to get on the platform, spend lots of time, and they’re going to be successful.”

Ask partners for feedback, too. “Partners are willing to take the time and really give you detailed feedback.”

Socialize your findings throughout your company. “The more your clients are using your platform, the more value they’re going to get out of it. Companies are going to get more return on their investment through training and educating their customers. Your team can point to the impact of your education program leading to the satisfaction of your clients.”

To sum up, Craig believes customer feedback for Contentsquare’s education platform brings a level of confidence that he can share with his Customer Success team to demonstrate that the program is working. 

And Now…An Update from Cutler’s Corner

No Customer Education Coffee Chat would be complete without a few tips and tricks from Cutler Bleecker, Skilljar’s Learning Experience Designer. This month, Cutler offered some new features and enhancements to the Skilljar platform, including:

Course Labels: Internal Course Labels are a great way to help internal teams organize courses within Skilljar as the number of courses you’re offering grows. Simply add a label to your courses to help team members search. For example, the tag “Japanese” can help your team find all courses offered in Japanese on the Course Management page of the Skilljar dashboard. These labels are internal only and not visible to learners. Learn more about Course Labels here

Tile Sizing – Quick Tip Now Live: For Skilljar customers who wish to resize their course tiles within our platform, check out this Quick Tip video here.


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