Skilljar Core Values Award winner Q4 2022

Each quarter, Skilljar’s Executive team recognizes those “Skillets” who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating one of our core values. We’re thrilled to spotlight one of Q4’s Core Values Award winners, Jessica Enright, for demonstrating Learn and Adapt. Congratulations, Jess!  

We took a few minutes to sit down with Jess for a quick Q&A to learn more about what she loves about her role as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and a few fun facts! (See all of our Core Values Award winner blog posts here.)

Q: You’ve been with Skilljar for a year and a half—congrats! What drew you to Skilljar initially and do you have a favorite Skilljar memory you can share with us? 

There are a handful of people from my previous company who work at Skilljar, whom I trust and respect, and have nothing but great things to say about the company! When I looked at the company values, which I 100% align with, I just knew I would love to work at Skilljar. 

My favorite Skilljar memory is when we did a virtual escape room as a team; it was funny and fun but also great to work together as a team to figure out the puzzle.

Q: You’re part of the Customer Success team. What does a CSM do at Skilljar? Is there anything in particular you like to nerd out on?

I help my customers achieve their goals. I meet regularly with my customers so they have an opportunity to ask specific questions. I provide recommendations on their use case and we work together to identify their goals and what initiatives we can take to help achieve them. 

I come from a support background, so when there’s a technical issue, I love to dig in and figure out what’s going on—even better if I can fix it right then and there!

Q: Your managers and teammates have commended you for your high standards, a commitment to excellence and a passion for continuous improvement. What’s been one of your most satisfying moments as a Customer Success Manager?

Overall, when I’m able to help my customers achieve their goals, and/or fix any issues they are running into, that is very satisfying to me. Getting to know a customer and seeing their program grow is wonderful.

Q: You started out at Skilljar as a Product Support Specialist (PSS).  Can you distinguish between the two roles and what led you to make a move to the Customer Success team?

The PSS role is more reactive whereas the CSM role has more of a proactive approach (along with a little of the reactive). The Support team is reached out to when customers have questions or a technical issue; the CSM role creates a working relationship with customers and provides ongoing support to help create their vision.

Q: Almost three years ago, Skilljar went fully remote. What’s your favorite thing about working for a remote-first company? Have you picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic?

I work from my home office, which is also my yoga and craft room, and I love it. But if for some reason I really need to focus and hammer out something quickly, it helps if I take my laptop to the couch or kitchen table. Sometimes, you just have to switch up locations!

I started making polymer clay jewelry and now it’s safe to say I’m obsessed—and have way too many earrings. I sell some through my Etsy shop, but that’s mostly just to feed my habit—I just do it for fun! It’s a very versatile medium. I love having an idea and bringing it to life. It’s also nice to be complimented on my earrings and I get to say, “Thanks, I made them!” 

Q: Given that Skilljar is a learning platform, it’s no surprise that a lot of Skillets enjoy learning new things too! If you could become an expert in something overnight, what would it be?

Music. I couldn’t carry a tune if it was in a backpack, but it would be lovely if I could. It would also be nice to play a few instruments, specifically piano. 

Additionally, I wish I could tap dance!

Q: What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend for fun?
Well… “fun” might not be the way I’d put it, but the home I bought a few years ago was all original, from 1966. We love making all kinds of updates and improvements to our home. I love vintage, 60s specifically, so we’re trying to restore the home but keep it to its original retro vibe. We’re DIYers so it’s a very slow process, but it feels good when a project gets done!

Thank you, Jessica! Congratulations on being named a Skilljar Core Values Award recipient for Q4 2022! See who else received our Core Values Award for Q4 2022!