Promoting Training Through Social or Paid Channels

Promoting Training Through Social or Paid Channels

May 24, 2017
Training Strategy

We recently released our latest eBook, "How to Market Customer Training," where we discussed some tips and tricks for keeping your training at the top of learners' minds. So far we've discussed email marketing. This post is all about using social and paid channels to promote your training.

Social media channels are a natural fit for anyone looking to get their training program in front of more of the right audience. Just look at the statistics: global social media use has increased 21% in the past year, reaching up to 2.8 billion people (source: HootSuite). So, what can you do to expand your reach? One option is to link to courses within relevant blogs, forums, and communities. If you’re not sure which ones to pursue, try asking your customers where they spend their time online. 


Remember, though, these forums are designed for users interested in having discussions; as such, you don’t want to seem overly promotional. Any time you post in one of these communities, think of it as an opportunity to engage with potential students and provide them with resources that meet their needs and interests. 


Of course, there is value in showing off what you have to offer, as well. That’s where platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram come into play.


If you already have a promo video, go ahead and post it, along with a short line explaining how people have benefited from your training. For instance, maybe a customer ended up saving money after completing one of your courses. 


Taking things one step further, if you're willing to invest in paid marketing channels, Google AdWords is a good one to start with. You can then target your site visitors who didn't make a purchase with an ad tech company like AdRoll or with Google remarketing. It’s also possible to use promo codes to track the success of different campaigns. And an LMS like Skilljar can even provide JavaScript and conversion pixel tracking to help you monitor ROI. 


That being said, paid and social channels are not always a good fit. If you don’t already have a strong social presence or if your content focuses primarily on onboarding and is only relevant to new customers, you may want to try another tactic, instead.



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