New Features: Private Courses, Custom Theme and More

New Features: Private Courses, Custom Theme and More

June 5, 2014
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The feature releases continue… We are excited to announce four new features that launched on Skilljar this week.

  1. Private courses – Instructors can now offer private courses! Now you can designate a course as private so that it is only available via an access code. Use private courses to create tiers of courses, group by customer, and more.
private course
  1. Custom theme – customize your course theming easily with this new feature. Upload your logo, choose your colors, even define where your logo links. Branding your course is easier than ever now.
custom theme
  1. Bulk promo codes – promo code creation has been simplified. Now instructors can create one promo code and apply it to any or all of their courses in one step.
bulk promo code
  1. Multiple currencies – we now support multiple currencies! In addition to USD, we also support: Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), and many others.
multiple currencies

Keep your feedback coming. We’ll keep the features coming.

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