[Press Release] Skilljar Reports 635% Increase in Student Course Registrations Driven by Shift to Virtual Education

[Press Release] Skilljar Reports 635% Increase in Student Course Registrations Driven by Shift to Virtual Education

April 6, 2020
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Seattle, April 6, 2020 – Skilljar, the leading Customer Education Platform for enterprises, today reported that their customers have seen a 635 percent increase in student course registrations over the past two weeks. This increase is driven by the migration of in-person training to virtual formats and new corporate approaches to Customer Education, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skilljar also reported that, in the past two weeks, the number of active students across their platform has nearly tripled. This change highlights both an unprecedented increase in new learners, and an increase in the number of courses that each learner consumes.

As businesses cope with this global crisis, a focus on Customer Education is being seen as a force multiplier in helping customers adapt to the New World of Work. User needs around learning have changed dramatically in the past few weeks, with many proactively seeking online opportunities to upskill and reskill.

In a recent poll of current Skilljar customers, 65 percent of respondents indicated that they expect their training programs to grow as a result of the pandemic’s impact on work habits. Skilljar customers such as Moz have opened up their training programs for public consumption, offering courses to increase skill-building, and create new opportunities for people that may be out of work.

“From our customers to our readers and team members, our community’s well-being is on our minds — and like people everywhere, they’re feeling a lot of uncertainty right now,” said Sarah Bird, CEO at Moz. “Moz has always held SEO education dear to our cause, in keeping with our TAGFEE values of empathy and generosity. Releasing our Moz Academy courses to the community for free seemed like the right thing to do to help marketers weather the storm.”

“The current pandemic is forcing many organizations to quickly modify and adapt their training to a 100% online audience”, explained Sandi Lin, CEO, and Co-founder of Skilljar. “We’re also seeing phenomenal demand for quality content from students. Users who had never tried online learning are now running toward resources that will help them adapt and expand their skill sets. It’s gratifying to see so many Skilljar customers filling this need.”

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