Our Favorite New Features of 2018

Our Favorite New Features of 2018

December 31, 2018
Skilljar Product

Skilljar launched so many new features in 2018 that we couldn't resist taking a moment to pick favorites! I asked some colleagues here at Skilljar what their favorites were -- here's what they said.


Q: What's your favorite new Skilljar feature of 2018? Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Product MarketingI’d have to say the Skilljar Zendesk integration. I love how it extends customer education to another team that engages with customers - customer support. It’s so powerful for marketing your training by leveraging a variety of different people that engage with your customers. We know training is impactful for improving product adoption and reducing support tickets, so it makes sense to have everyone telling your customers about it.Aashish Dhamdhere, VP, MarketingVideo Progress is the feature that I’d pick. This has been a pet peeve of mine in the past. I love that we now save a learner’s video progress in the Skilljar training portal. This way the learner can pick up a video right where they left off. Even better, the update applies to videos uploaded directly into Skilljar, and those embedded through Wistia!Sandi Lin, CEO and Co-FounderI’m picking three (sorry Linda!)

  1. Smart Course Recommendations - This is our first foray into adding machine learning intelligence as part of the Skilljar platform. We have a lot of big dreams in this area across multiple areas of the product!
  2. International Language and Custom Language - This is particularly exciting for organizations who train global audiences and it’s also been fun to learn what languages the Skilljar team can QA in-house! My favorite thus far is Polish (Thanks Daniil!).
  3. New Content Roles - Content Admin and Content Manager permissions give organizations the ability to designate SMEs for content creation without granting access to other administrative functions. This helps address one of the biggest pain points for any training team - creating content!

Aizat Murtaza, Product ManagerCourse recommendations is my favorite feature from 2018. As consumers, we expect highly curated, personalized experiences from every service we use (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc). Course recommendations brings the same level of personalization to the learning experience, so people can find the content that’s most relevant to them.Damani Musgrave, Customer Training ManagerThe instructor side of me has fallen in love with Optional Lessons. We’ve long been able to augment courses with supplemental lessons, knowledge checks, and surveys. With Optional Lessons, we can now give the student the flexibility to access the supplemental lessons if they want, but still complete the course even if they don’t.Stephanie Heinrich, RecruiterI second Sandi and love the International Language and Custom Language Packs we’ve added. It’s been a fun feature to highlight for prospective candidates and gives a sense of how our product and company have grown!Chip Cressman, Lead Front End Development EngineerMy favorite feature of 2018 is our new analytics tables and filters. The updates help people to slice and view their data in new ways so they can better understand how their customers are performing. We also released unique reporting URLs for combinations of filters that can be bookmarked by anyone with Analytics access. They make monthly reporting very easy.Looking forward to more great updates in 2019!

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