New courses from Modern Lessons

New courses from Modern Lessons

Sandi Lin
July 21, 2013
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We’re happy to announce that we’ve added 22 free courses from Modern Lessons, a newly launched online learning site. Modern Lessons offers introductory video courses about various technologies like Twitter, WordPress, and 10 Free Web Tools to Make Your Own Infographics. The founders, Jeff Dunn and Katie Lepi, also run Edudemic, an online resource site for teachers interested in education technology.

Although the founders see their core users as teachers and people in the developing world, their courses are certainly useful for anyone who wants to learn the basics of new technology tools. According to their website, “We think of our model as a ‘Khan Academy for real-world skills’ and plan on helping as many people as possible improve their lives.”

Courses from Modern Lessons are free and always available.

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