New Feature: Live Training Email Confirmation

New Feature: Live Training Email Confirmation

August 31, 2015
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We're excited to add a new functionality to our Live Training feature! Now, when a user registers for one of your live training events, they will receive an email confirmation that includes the event information so they can easily add it to their personal calendar, keep track of their schedule, and attend your lesson.When users register for your live training event, they can immediately download the calendar event in the lesson itself, and will receive an email notification containing all of the details of the live training lesson including the:

  • Date
  • Time (including time zone)
  • Location
  • Instructor name
  • Description

This is a great way for your users to keep track of your live training events and to maintain their own schedule.As a user, this is what the Live Training event looks like in the lesson:


Once you select "Register" you can then "Download to Calendar."


For example, when I selected "Download to Calendar" it created an Outlook calendar event:


Another example, in Gmail you'll receive an email with the ability to add to your calendar:


With the following email message:


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