A few months ago, we launched the ability to customize email notifications for Live Training registration. Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Customized Email Notifications for Course Completions! 

Customize Email Communication Based on Course Behavior

With this new functionality, you can create custom email templates and language to send to your students when they complete a course. Each course can be associated with a different template so you can share relevant recommendations and drive the appropriate next steps. What’s more, you can now have a specific template for when a student fails a course, giving you the power to encourage more learning or prompt a retake of the test.

Completion Actions_Screenshot

Email Notifications to Take Your Program to the Next Level

To help you get started, here are four ways that Customized Email Notifications for Course Completions can take your program to the next level.

1. Encourage more learning with relevant recommendations: Link to other resources that a student may be interested in learning about next.

Customized Email Notification

2. Drive positive behaviors: Insert a call to action that encourages a student to do something in your product, share their certificate, or make a purchase.

3. Provide extra help: If a student failed a graded course, you can prompt them to use additional study aids. You can include a link to sign up for a 1:1 training session or in the case of a certification exam, information on retesting procedures.

4. Celebrate! Completing a training course is an accomplishment, take a minute to celebrate the win!

To learn how to customize your email notifications for course completions, check out our help article.