How to Use Your LMS to Create Differentiation in the Marketplace

How to Use Your LMS to Create Differentiation in the Marketplace

March 7, 2018
Training Strategy

So far in this blog series, we’ve explained how to increase operational efficiency, grow revenue, and decrease time to value with your LMS. In our fourth and final post, we’ll discuss how to use your LMS to create differentiation in the marketplace.In the software industry, marketing teams are often tasked with raising brand awareness, growing customer advocacy, and nurturing their community. The end goal here is to help your business stand out in the marketplace. As part of this initiative, these teams can use a platform like Skilljar to generate leads through training, then feed that data into their CRM, and drive revenue.Continue reading to learn more:

  • Fully customize your training experience by adding your own branding, style guides, colors, logos, and more. By creating a beautiful training platform, you create a seamless experience for learners to access training, which looks and feels like your website.
  • Integrate training with marketing tools like Marketo and HubSpot. Capture learner information to feed into your lead reports and use training activity to place them into focused nurture campaigns. Plus, you can link to courses or lessons within your marketing campaigns to further promote your brand and training offerings.
  • Promote your company’s thought leadership through hosted webinars and self-paced training courses. Link to these resources within your blog, marketing campaigns, LinkedIn articles, and wherever else you can reach your intended audience.
  • Drive revenue and reinforce the value of training by pricing your courses. We often see customers charge for certifications or instructor-led content (whether in person or virtual), rather than self-paced tutorials.
  • Use promo codes or vouchers to promote your priced offerings and get prospects or customers in at a discount. Track where people are coming from and which campaigns are working best through promo codes and UTM parameters.
  • Integrate with LinkedIn by allowing learners to publish earned certificates and badges to their LinkedIn profile. Not only does this enhance a learner’s profile, but it is also a built-in advocacy program that links back to the course in which the certification was earned, and to your company LinkedIn profile page.

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