How to use Training for Customer Success and Support

How to use Training for Customer Success and Support

March 1, 2016
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In the previous 3 blog posts, we introduced customer lifecycle training and how it can be applied during the marketing phase and onboarding phase. In this final article, we'll cover the benefits of providing training for ongoing customer success and support.Continuing customer education during the support stage of the lifecycle can keep your customers engaged after initial launch and increase overall satisfaction. The key is to make sure that customers continue to find value in your products and your company. Providing training about product updates, new offerings, and even refreshers on how to maximize the use of their current products are great ways to help cultivate the customer relationship.


With training as your tool, you can create a lasting customer relationship that encourages a continuous customer lifecycle. Offering continuous customer education especially benefits companies with:

  • Software products with frequent releases: Each time there is a new release, customers need to understand what updates were released, their potential benefits, and how to use them.
  • Products available for cross-selling: When offering several products that can be used together, customer training can be used to introduce existing customers to other products or upgrades.
  • High customer contact volume: Providing training to customers can reduce the number of support calls and inquiries your company receives.

Training is a lightweight way to continually engage your customers after initial implementation to ensure their ongoing success. Training signals can be integrated with other platforms for an overall picture of customer health.In conclusion, creating customers for life presents a unique challenge that can be answered with a holistic training program. Throughout the customer lifecycle, from lead generation, to onboarding, and customer success and support, you have an opportunity to set customers up for success.Providing the right type of training at each of these key stages of the customer lifecycle arms customers with the knowledge they need. With the right tools and proper approach, your company will be able use training to engage new customers, bring them on board, and maintain their business as long-term customers.

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