How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customer Onboarding

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customer Onboarding

January 26, 2016
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When scaling an on-demand customer education program, customer success organizations are also concerned about the quality and effectiveness of onboarding and training. Scheduled phone calls for onboarding, while difficult to scale, are at least a way for customer success managers (CSMs) to interact directly with the customer, get a pulse on their satisfaction, and respond in real-time.On-demand training, when implemented correctly, can actually increase the effectiveness of customer onboarding when paired with instructor-led training. Read on to learn the 4 ways to increase training effectiveness.


1. Reinforce instructor-led training

When trainers and customer success managers offer on-demand training, customers can review learning materials at their own convenience. The retention rate increases when customers can practice necessary on-the-job skills without having to consult an instructor on a regular basis. Customers are able to reinforce the objectives they learned, and reference the content they need in real-time.

As more customers take advantage of easily accessible online material, instructors can optimize and tailor their training sessions, rather than devoting a large part of their attention to ongoing post-training support.

2. Offer blended learning

Blended learning refers to mixing on-demand content with live, instructor-led training. In this scenario, most of the course material is delivered online and ILT sessions are held to discuss and clarify the material. Often, post-course assessments and surveys are delivered online as well. This approach provides a powerful combination of instructor-led and self-directed learning.

3. Standardize training quality

On-demand training enables companies to deliver a consistent message. Regardless of whether the customer is being onboarded by a new or experienced CSM, by your in-house team or outsourced to a third party, the customer will receive a high quality and up-to-date training curriculum that has been proven and refined over time.

4. Iterate with data

On-demand training provides an unprecedented level of reporting on how trainees are engaging with your content. You can easily see activity by lesson, update modules when needed, and tweak assessments for clarity and effectiveness. This data can also be tied to downstream customer success metrics in order to correlate success, renewals, and the long-term value of customer onboarding.


On-demand training utilizes a consistent and repeatable training method, combined with robust reporting.

Whether you are using CSMs or dedicated trainers to deliver new customer onboarding, offering on-demand training can actually improve the effectiveness of your training while also retaining the benefits of your instructor-led sessions.

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