Four Ways Special Use Promo Codes Can Improve Sales

Four Ways Special Use Promo Codes Can Improve Sales

June 11, 2014
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Yet another feature release this week: special use promo codes! In this article we identify four ways you can incorporate special use promo codes into your marketing plan.

special use promo codes

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Four methods for using special use promo codes

  1. Half off for the first 10 people with the code first10 – Run promotions where the first number of people that you define receive a discounted price. By creating a sense of urgency, you can improve conversion.
  2. 25% off online course – Run deals with daily deal sites like Groupon, Amazon Local and LivingSocial to optimize marketing efforts to reach a large amount of new customers. With special use promo codes, you are able to create unique codes for each individual purchase
  3. Free code for gathering feedback – Create free promo codes to entice individuals to review the content. They can access the course for free, and there’s no need to worry that the code getting posted publicly.
  4. Sell a fixed number of registrations to a private training portal – Use special use promo codes to limit the number of users that can can enter the portal.

Promo code usage can be tracked through emailed purchase notifications as well as the Skilljar order reports in the instructor dashboard. Start thinking about how you can add special use promo codes into your marketing strategy today!

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