Choosing an LMS for Customer Training

Choosing an LMS for Customer Training

October 7, 2014
Learning Technologies

If you're looking for a learning management system for customer, channel partner, or supplier training (aka extended enterprise), the search can be daunting. External user training comes with its own unique needs and challenges. We're here to help! Skilljar offers our guide, "Choosing an LMS for Customer Training." In this free guide, we explore the specific needs of extended enterprise learners, and identify key LMS considerations for your learners.We've got good news: LMS options have evolved, a lot. There are new and exciting options for customer training. Companies are no longer limited to an LMS that was traditionally built for internal employee training.


Choosing an LMS for Customer Training

Wondering what the big differences are between external and internal learning management systems? The eBook provides a detailed list for your consideration. Here is a quick look at unique LMS needs:

  • Priority on user experience: such as mobile responsiveness, global video streaming, self-registration, and a professional user interface.
  • Specific extended enterprise features: including multiple portal support for different audiences and e-commerce capability.
  • The right data integrations: with sales, CRM and financial systems instead of HR systems.
  • Flexible pricing: the number of users and their frequency of use can be more difficult to predict than internal employees.

Check out the guide to choosing an LMS for Customer Education

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