Are Your Customers Fair-Weather Fans?

Are Your Customers Fair-Weather Fans?

May 1, 2018
Training Strategy

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a fair-weather fan. I’ve gone to quite a few baseball games, and will cheer for my favorite team (but only when they’re winning). Unfortunately, this same concept may apply to your customers, and how they interact with your brand.

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Are your customers loyal brand advocates? Or do they need a little extra motivation to engage with your content?

The goal of onboarding is often to get customers to that initial “aha moment,” when they begin to understand the value your product or service can provide. But what happens after that? How can you drive students back to training over the course of the customer lifecycle?

1. Send Time-Based Emails

Your customers have competing priorities, and training is not always at the top of their list. If you hope to grab their attention, you need to send the right message at the right time.

With this in mind, one solution is to create automated email reminders based on inactivity in your training portal. This can be a great option - especially if you have help from your Marketing team, or if your learning management system (LMS) integrates with marketing automation tools like Marketo.

2. Utilize Targeted Campaigns

When marketing your training, consider the customer journey. What is their current level of knowledge, and how can you guide them toward further success?

For instance, if a customer has taken one or two courses, you can suggest more content based on their demonstrated interests. If, however, they’ve focused on one topic in particular, you could recommend they get certified.

3. Offer Additional Incentives

Sometimes, you need to get a bit creative to motivate customers to complete training. Here are a few techniques that can help:

  • Social certifications: After completing a course, customers receive a badge to display on LinkedIn, which verifies their expertise.
  • Loyalty programs: Provide points or rewards for completing courses. A tool like Influitive can help with this.
  • Promotional offers: If you charge customer for training, you can distribute a coupon for a certification exam upon completion.

4. Create a Holistic Ecosystem

At Skilljar, we like to talk about creating a holistic training ecosystem. Essentially, you should take advantage of every opportunity to draw students back into training.

When someone visits your knowledge center, for example, you can address their question, but also include a link to a relevant resource in your LMS. The same goes for an in-app guidance tools, which provide quick tutorials, but not in-depth answers. And of course, your Customer Success team can also help by highlighting new training content on customer calls, and in their email signatures.

One final note

Think about the length of your lessons, as well as their format and overall design. Remember, customer training is not mandatory. If your courses are not user-friendly, there’s a much smaller chance that students will return.


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