Announcing Big Enhancements to Skilljar Quizzes

Announcing Big Enhancements to Skilljar Quizzes

January 6, 2020
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Skilljar customers use our Quiz Engine to engage customers with quick knowledge checks, administer longer exams, and reinforce knowledge at the end of courses. Today, we’re proud to announce two big updates to Skilljar Quizzes that will help you raise the stakes on your quizzes and increase the learning outcomes of your knowledge checks. Read on for more detail and to see what we launched!

Quiz Time Limits

Make sure students complete your assessments in a designated amount of time with new Quiz Time Limits. When you create a quiz, you can decide exactly how much time students have to complete it. Skilljar will surface a countdown clock, and the quiz will be automatically submitted when time is up.

Why use time limits on quizzes?

  1. You want to make sure that students can recall information in a shorter time frame.
  2. You want to limit the number of external resources a student can reasonably reference in the time allotted for the assessment.
  3. You want to close access to the assessment and limit cheating and collaboration.

Automatic Feedback for Quiz Questions

When you want to make sure students are learning from the knowledge checks you’re surfacing to them, it’s helpful to provide feedback on correct and incorrect answers. Now you can choose to do that automatically for any questions that are auto-graded in Skilljar.

Want to learn how to implement these changes to your Skilljar Quizzes? Hop into the Quiz settings on any existing quiz to check out the new options, and read up on Quiz Time Limits and Automatic Feedback for Quiz Questions in the Help Center.

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