5 Steps to Successful Customer Onboarding

5 Steps to Successful Customer Onboarding

April 17, 2018
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successful customer onboarding

Here at Skilljar, we spend a lot of time working with companies who are onboarding customers. Given our experience in this area, we wanted to share some essential principles for great customer onboarding.

In the SlideShare below, we’ll touch on what we like to call the 5 Ms:

5 Steps to Successful Customer Onboarding from Skilljar

1. Define Your Onboarding Model: There are three flavors of customer onboarding: self-serve, low-touch, and high-touch. When thinking about each of these models, we like to use the metaphor of getting dinner. Learn more in this blog post.2. Identify Onboarding Milestones: What is your customers’ path to success? Consider the “moments of truth” during the customer journey, when users have achieved something tangible. If you’re not sure what your milestones are, start by asking internal stakeholders and customers what they think is most valuable about your product or service.3. Pick Your Learning Modalities: Once you’ve identified your milestones, you need to determine how to drive customers toward them. This is where a variety of different modalities come into play. Keep in mind, there are pros and cons to each. For instance, classroom training is structured, but costly compared to on-demand digital learning content.4. Market Your Onboarding Program: How will you drive students to your onboarding program? Don’t overlook the importance of marketing. Things like pricing and packaging your training, and using marketing automation to inspire continuous engagement can make a huge impact on the success of your program.5. Consider Your Metrics: How can you demonstrate the value of onboarding? At Skilljar, we’re big proponents of using a data-driven approach. Our recommendation: set SMART goals based on metrics like how customer training improves product adoption, and customer renewals.Thinking through these 5 core components will help you create an onboarding program that drives measurable results.

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