The Challenge

SmashFly turned to Skilljar to create a more scalable and accessible industry certification and product training program.

The Solution

In partnership with Skilljar, SmashFly launched the SmashFly TransformTM Academy Recruitment Marketing Certification and SmashFly University.

The Results

SmashFly built a first-of-its-kind industry certification program serving 2,000+ users.

We had to find a way to meet the needs of our growing global customer base. With Skilljar, we completely transformed our approach to training. We now have a full range of both self-led and instructor-led training options. Skilljar provided the tools to expand our offerings well beyond what you might expect from a team of our size.

— Chrissy Irvine, Vice President, Customer Success, SmashFly


SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Platform combines a recruiting CRM, career site, recruiting event management, referrals, and analytics solutions.


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SmashFly launched a first of its kind industry certification serving 2,000+ users in 3-months

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Recruitment Marketing Company Partnered with Skilljar to Scale Training and Certification Program for 2,000 Customers Worldwide


Prior to working with Skilljar, SmashFly trained their customers through a 3-hour, instructor-led training delivered four days per week by the Education Services team. The company had also developed and piloted an industry certification course, delivered as a series of instructor-led, virtual sessions. When the certification pilot was conducted, nearly 2,000 customers signed up, far exceeding initial expectations.

While effective, both of these programs required significant time and resource investments and SmashFly was struggling to find the resources and capacity to deliver live training on an ongoing basis. Additionally, SmashFly’s growing customer base, including several global clients, began asking for shorter on-demand course offerings that they could complete on their own time.

This customer growth, as well as increased interest from SmashFly’s leadership team to elevate the company’s brand by expanding the industry certification course, led SmashFly’s Customer Success Team to make the business case for a Learning Management System.

With these needs in mind, SmashFly turned to Skilljar to create a more scalable and accessible industry certification and product training program.


  • Further develop an on-demand industry certification program to elevate SmashFly’s brand
  • Offer 24×7 access to training for global customers
  • Provide more consumable ‘on the go’ content to end users who need quick information to execute a task
  • Enable Education Consultants to shift focus to consultative, private sessions with customers, rather than fully-scripted, public trainings


Phase 1: Launch SmashFly’s Industry Certification Program on Transform Academy

With Skilljar as a partner, SmashFly refined and recorded the content it had previously built
for the pilot version of the certification course, and launched the SmashFly TransformTM Academy Recruitment Marketing Certification in three short months. This is the first-ever recruitment marketing certification program in the industry. Consisting of nine virtual courses, including videos, knowledge checks, and downloadable resources, graduates of the program are uniquely certified in all aspects of recruitment marketing.

By first working with Skilljar to re-launch the certification program, the SmashFly team quickly decreased the resources needed to run that specific aspect of their training program and set the stage for the much larger piece of work they had ahead with the SmashFly University product training offerings.

Phase 2: Launch SmashFly University Online

Following the successful launch of its certification program, the SmashFly Education Services team then worked to streamline and convert its live class content into an on- demand format. Through this work, the team reduced the ‘in class time’ from three hours per course, to approximately 45 minutes per course by creating recorded versions of all their trainings.

During this time, SmashFly also communicated to customers that they would no longer be hosting public live trainings, and that SmashFly University online would launch soon. In the interim, the company hosted private trainings with new customers to ensure they were still launching with the training necessary to be successful. With the end of the live, public training events, the team now had time to work with customers in a more consultative way, with individualized conversations.

Phase 3: Steady State and Beyond

Today, SmashFly University is currently live with more than 2,000 users actively engaged in training. Feedback from student surveys continues to enable SmashFly to refine its content and catalog design and to add new, relevant courses. These courses include a new library of short, how-to demo videos that allow students to view specific content without having to go through an entire course. The team has also begun hosting private customer live trainings using Skilljar’s integration with WebEx.

SmashFly three year customer education plan

What’s Next

The team has an ambitious roadmap ahead for SmashFly University. Plans are underway to reorganize courses into learning paths based on use cases for increased product adoption. SmashFly also plans to offer additional real-world context and integrate more interactivity into its courses, in addition to its current quizzing capabilities.

Throughout this entire process, SmashFly worked with Skilljar’s Customer Success Team to ensure both SmashFly University and Transform Academy achieved SmashFly’s goals, while also offering ongoing strategic guidance and support.

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