The Challenge

Entelo's VP of Customer Success, Andre Boulais, was looking to drive increased product adoption and improve customer retention. Entelo needed a way to educate their users on how their streamlined talent sourcing workflows could free recruiters from administrative tasks and transform them into strategic business partners in order to meet these goals.

The Solution

They turned to Skilljar to make their expert-led customer training available live and through recordings, and share targeted messaging to customers and prospects visiting the Entelo Academy. They created a user experience that was easy for customers to navigate so they could build their own curriculums intuitively.

The Results

Using the Skilljar customer LMS, Entelo was able to increase their retention rate by 95% versus one year ago and achieve the highest customer retention rate in the company’s 10-year history. As the ultimate marker of “success,” Entelo was able to increase their average Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 200%, taking it from “Good” to “World Class.”

The most powerful software in the world is nothing without the adoption of its users. Skilljar’s delivery team is exceptional in the way they support us and share best practices.  We would not have been able to have this level of success without the Skilljar partnership. 

— Andre Boulais, VP of Customer Success, Entelo


As a recognized industry leader in diversity recruiting technology, Entelo’s machine learning and algorithms allow for the deepest insight into underrepresented talent for Fortune 500 and leading technology companies.


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Top Metrics

  • Increased retention by 95% vs. year ago 
  • Improved Net Promoter Score by 200%

Customer Website

Customer Education Platform

Entelo Academy
Powered by Skilljar


As a leader in recruiting automation, Entelo strives to eliminate the inefficiencies related to sourcing job candidates and empower recruiters to better find and engage top talent. Andre Boulais, VP of Customer Success, along with Karlee Sapp, Content Creator/Course Developer, needed to educate their users on how their streamlined talent sourcing workflows could free recruiters from administrative tasks and transform them into strategic business partners.

Their goals included:  increase product adoption, improve retention, and improve customer satisfaction as measured by Net Promoter Score – NPS.


In order to bring a great customer experience to their software users, Entelo needed to partner with a team that would ensure a greater customer experience for them. Andre and Karlee turned to Skilljar to help differentiate them in the market and improve client satisfaction during one of the industry’s most turbulent times.

Skilljar enabled Entelo to offer a wide array of strategic training modules which allowed their customers to define their journey and achieve success with the Entelo platform. Using the Skilljar customer LMS, Entelo was able to showcase several different offerings, including an option to become Recruiting Automation Pro Certified.

Entelo Academy

Entelo uses a series of live and recorded webinars to teach customers how to use their platform.


I used Skilljar at a previous company and was very excited to use it again at Entelo. I value our meetings with our Customer Success Manager (CSM) because she has opened my eyes to features I hadn’t been using that are extremely helpful. Add to that the responsiveness of the support team, and I truly appreciate the customer experience Skilljar offers. – Karlee Sapp


With Skilljar as their LMS provider, Entelo was able to:

  • Increase customer retention rates consistently over the past four quarters
  • Realize a 95% increase in customer retention for Q1 2021, compared to the same quarter a year ago
  • Achieve the highest customer retention rate in the company’s 10-year history
  • Increase their average NPS score by 200% taking it from “Good” to ‘World Class.”

Other LMS systems require more complex navigation (extra clicks, more tabs) to accomplish what I could do in one place in Skilljar. The quality of the product and our relationship with our account owners at Skilljar makes for a true partnership. – Karlee Sapp

Advice to First-time 0r Upgrading LMS Seekers

Karlee Sapp has worked as an LMS admin and Content Creator at two recruiting software companies that use Skilljar. Throughout her career, she has also worked with a number of other education platforms including Thinkific, Salesforce Knowledge Base, and others, as well as her own manual systems for PDF/guide development and distribution.

Here’s why Karlee prefers Skilljar:

“When I think back on my early career, it would have been beneficial to have a platform like Skilljar to create customized content to select customers as well as general information for everyone,  as we do with Entelo Academy today.

“Skilljar’s interface helps us save time creating content, so we can focus more on the quality and amount of content we’re offering. 
“Receiving end-of-month course analytics from Skilljar saves me time running my own reports; I just create a slide or two, based on the summary email Skilljar provides, to share with my team.”

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