We surveyed customer and partner education teams on trends in budgets, training formats, monetization strategies, completion rates, team organization, and more to compile our 2022 Customer Education Benchmarks and Trends Report.

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Additional Findings

Certifications and badging

Most companies pair customer education with certifications
Offering a certificate is the most popular form of certification (58%), followed by formal (non-proctored) certifications (21%). Certifications help drive product adoption and boost industry/brand recognition for your organization.

Monetizing content

Customer education monetization usage
While many organizations are moving to monetize the valuable content they’ve created, others are shifting back to free content and using training for demand generation purposes as compared to 2020.

Monetizing future content

Customer education monetization planning for the future
Of those companies not currently charging for training, 61% indicated they are planning to do so in the future. This represents a changing tide compared to 2020, when more than 60% of respondents who did not charge for training indicated they had no plans to do so in the future.

LMS integrations

Increased levels of system integrations with customer training LMS to drive bigger impacts
Integrations are growing in importance. From the respondents in our 2020 Benchmark Survey and our 2022 Benchmark Survey, we saw a four-fold increase in the percentage of companies with five or more LMS integrations.

Training formats

Customer training formats with increased focus for growth
Video is the #1 increase in investment companies are making next year. Videos engage your learners with more complex themes and facilitate further engagement with other content.

Engagement tactics

Most desired strategies to engage learners in customer education
Certifications continue to be the most-used education program strategy. Certifications drive value for the learner and provide them with advanced product knowledge, and official credentials, and serve as a reason to complete more training.