The market is full of products designed to communicate with one another, so it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the sophisticated software running your customer education and support services to communicate with one another too. Yet for some reason, so many of us are still using dated and legacy business systems that don’t integrate, and house customer engagement data in silos.

Skilljar's Zendesk App screenshot

One way that modern Customer Training Platforms like Skilljar are tackling this is by introducing apps that connect them with Help Desk Software. For example, Skilljar’s Zendesk App surfaces a customer’s training activity to support agents. In this post, we’ll share four reasons why integrating customer education and support technologies is good for your company and your customers

1. Faster Resolution Times

When support agents know what training a customer has already taken, they can better understand the customer’s level of platform knowledge and refer back to training modules that he/she may remember.  The agent can then provide targeted recommendations to address knowledge gaps and resolve issues with fewer back-and-forth interactions. Quick resolutions lead to both happy customers and happy support agents.

2. Increased Reach of Training

Integrations between training and support keep education top of mind for agents. As a result, they refer more customers to training, which expands the reach of your program. Over time, referring more customers to training can also influence their behavior and help to reinforce a self-service mindset.

3. Customers Prefer Self-Service Resources

According to research from Forrester, 76% of consumers prefer self-service support channels over contacting an agent. Great training gives them access to the tutorials and explanations they need to be successful with your product

4. Reduced Support Tickets

Data from Skilljar clients reveals that trained customers submit “how-to” support requests as much as 40% less than untrained customers. When you integrate education and support and raise the profile of customer training, it provides a positive feedback loop that benefits the bottom line and results in less tickets.

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